New Funky/Club House Tracks - Funky/Club House
New Funky/Club House Tracks - Funky/Club House

New Funky/Club House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Bo Cendars - Good Girls Gone Bad (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Antonio Aguilera - Amor al Garete (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Borja Jimenez - Chica Sexy (Radio Edit)004-02-2015
Regina - ImaginaƧao (Real Thing Remix)004-02-2015
Soul-ty - I Can Not Move Mountains (Original Mix)004-02-2015
DJ Funsko - Disco KONG (Original mix)003-02-2015
DJ Funsko - DISCO Is BACK (Original mix)003-02-2015
DJ Funsko - Kings Of Disco (Original mix)003-02-2015
DJ Funsko - MAD On DISCO (Original mix)003-02-2015
Alien Cut - Squit Uss (Radio Mix)003-02-2015
Alien Cut - Squit Uss (Video Mix)003-02-2015
Alien Cut - Squit Uss (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Estela Martin - Run Baby Run (Radio Edit)003-02-2015
Marisol Garcia - Far Away (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Marisol Garcia - Far Away (Instrumental Mix)003-02-2015
DJ FunkYOU - Give Me Some Disco Love (Original mix)003-02-2015
Dellmon - Go Deep (Dellmon Remix)003-02-2015
Out-O The Lerical - The 80s Back (Original mix)003-02-2015
Mykel Mars - Estoy Caliente (Protoxic Remix)003-02-2015
Dionigi - Nu Boys and Nu Girls (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Marco Dionigi - Zumax (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Marco Dionigi - Jungle Business (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Deep Dusk - Land of Harmony (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Breakfast Brothers - You and Me (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Spatial Awareness - Caramel Sound (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Spatial Awareness - Severe Wounding By Chocolate (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Audio Jacker - Here We Go (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Mr Bays - Welcome to Bays Club (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Macs Cortella - Let Me Fly (Macs Cortella Remix)031-01-2015
Jayceel - What's It Gonna Be (Original Mix)031-01-2015
California Ave - The Disco Body (Radio Version)031-01-2015
DJ Jace - Yeah Yall (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Revolution Crew - Party Night (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Joe T. Manero - What a Funk (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Miloud - You Should Be Dancing (Cool B4 Dawn Retro Mix)031-01-2015
Joe Martinez - Feel the Same (Main Mix)031-01-2015
Rossko - Ti Si (Extended Mix)031-01-2015
Peter Ellis - Let the Goodtimes Roll (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Bunty - Where Is My Man (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Funkylicious - Disco Chicks (Funkylicious Mix)031-01-2015
Freaky Funk - Back to Disco (Freaky Funk Freaked Remix)031-01-2015
Silver Disco - Say What (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Silver Disco - Detroit (Original Mix)031-01-2015
Joy Kitikonti - Bogofunk (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Souxsoul - Givin'it Up (The Disco Revenge Vox)030-01-2015
Bush & Crane - The Right Feeling (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Crane - Genie in a Bottle (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Alex Parera - Roll the Night (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Twism - All About Love (Original Mix)030-01-2015
The Pack - Freaky (PG Mix)030-01-2015
Camel In The Jungle - Shake That Bass (Shake Mix)030-01-2015
Mark Walker - Beautiful People Part 2 (Mark Walker Mix)030-01-2015
The Pack - Make The Crowd Bounce (Original)030-01-2015
Damon Paul - Rhythm Is a Dancer (Extended Mix)030-01-2015
Damon Paul - Rhythm Is a Dancer (Radio Version)030-01-2015
Tedjep Soulful House - Hey Hip Hip (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Lane McCray - Part of Me (Real Thing Remix)030-01-2015
Mannix - Hanging Tough (Mannix Crystal Disko Edit)030-01-2015
Pablo One - I Could NT (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Rob Boskamp - Happy Days (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Carrilio - Samba de Janeiro (B B S Remix)029-01-2015
Shark - Shake Your Body (Tobix Extended Version)029-01-2015
Dj-chart - Te Amo (Radio Version)029-01-2015
Sync Diversity - One Day At a Time (No Tears, Pt. 2 Edit)029-01-2015
DJ Combo - Party Girl Wants to Bounce feat. Vera (Radio Edit)029-01-2015
DJ Combo - Party Girl Wants to Bounce feat. Vera (Extended Mix)029-01-2015
Roni Winter - We Wanna Dance (Funky Performance Vocal Club Mix)029-01-2015
Roni Winter - We Wanna Dance (Funky Performance Dub Club Mix)029-01-2015
Peter Ellis - What A Feelin' (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Qousey - Feel Good (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Toth - Bitter Fever (Original Mix)029-01-2015
DJ Zimmo - Your Lover (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Nicko & Disco B - Heaven Only Knows (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Lexlay - Lovin Music (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Hibernate - Just One Time (Original Mix)029-01-2015
DJ Marika - Make It Happen (Space Roosters Remix)029-01-2015
Chanson E - Love Yo (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Discotizer - Back To The Jackin' (Discotizer Remix)029-01-2015
Red Rogue - Feel The Fire (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Tina Charles - Saturday (Oscar D'vine Radio Mix)029-01-2015
DJ Bubbles - Real Change (Version 2)029-01-2015
Mosquito - San Frandisco (The Moment) (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Chris Winters - Our Song (Norm Vork Remix)029-01-2015
Next Door But One - Positive Thinking (Audio Jacker Dub)029-01-2015
Fhernando - Can't Wait For Disco (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Alvaro Vela - Atlantis (Club Mix)029-01-2015
Mr Slim - Jack & Jazz (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jerem A - Love Disco (Jerem A Remix)029-01-2015
Musicarus - Night 'N' Day (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Red Rogue - Close To Perfection (Original Mix)029-01-2015
disko Cream - The Finest (Original Mix)029-01-2015
DJ Ricky Da Dragon - How 2 Love U (Grande Vue Radio Mix)028-01-2015
Andres Garcia - MY HOUSE (SUMMER 2015 MIX)028-01-2015
Boy Orlando - The Ghetto (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Alex Paranoid - Drugs (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Grande Vue - Cut D Mid-Range (Grande Vue Radio Mix)028-01-2015
Bas Kunnen - Desire (Alex Mourinho Remix)028-01-2015
Grande Vue - M T V (Radio Mix)028-01-2015
Grande Vue - How 2 Love U (Grande Vue Radio Mix)028-01-2015
DJ Sies - Spontaneous Combustion (Vocal Mix)028-01-2015

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