New Funky/Club House Tracks - Funky/Club House
New Funky/Club House Tracks - Funky/Club House

New Funky/Club House Tracks

Welcome to the latest Funky/Club House Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Funky/Club House music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
5overeignty - WTF Was Dat? (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Third Deck - Jambo (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Third Deck - El Rey (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Aleksandr Davydov - Richmond (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DuraOziriz - Begin To Start (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DuraOziriz - Disco Funky (Deep Mix)028-11-2015
D.Matveev - Dark City (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DuraOziriz - Beach Dance (Modern Instrumental Mix)028-11-2015
Jason Rivas - Fridays' Rock (Extended Club Mix)028-11-2015
Jason Rivas - Rock da House (Original Mix)028-11-2015
InstrumenjackinTerry De Jeff - Bass 4 Beats (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Jason RivasInstrumenjackin - Not for the Main Stage (Instrumental Edit)028-11-2015
Jason RivasMagzzeticz - The House of Magzzeticz (Instrumental Club Mix)028-11-2015
Disco Ball'zSulene Fleming - Watching You (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Jason RivasElsa Del Mar - Sax Game (Dub Edit Mix)028-11-2015
Jason RivasMedud Ssa - Mind over Matter (Tribal Percussion Mix)028-11-2015
Gianluca Calabrese - Funny Soul (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Gianluca Calabrese - It's That Jackin? (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Fabio VargasGianluca Calabrese - Yes I Funky Do That (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Gianluca Calabrese - If You Lick (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Fabio VargasGianluca Calabrese - Who Need Funk (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Gianluca CalabresePicky Sweet - Good Habit (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Guliver Stone - Watched (Percussion Brass Mix)028-11-2015
Ossi Perossi - Boils (Afro Mix)028-11-2015
Quake Heart - Never (Congas Trump Mix)028-11-2015
Jusper - Sustain (Percussion Distort Mix)028-11-2015
Cheng Kabuto - Preserve (Tribal Jazz Version)028-11-2015
Hyper Pipe - Maintain (Djambe Attack)028-11-2015
King of nothing - Carry (Tribal Drum Attack)028-11-2015
Strike Donnovan - Spread (Tibal Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
Dennis Almodovar - Disruptive (Tribe Guitar Mix)028-11-2015
Whinny Jack - Troublesome (Jazzy Congas Mix)028-11-2015
Jorge JaramilloSarah Tancer - Liars Game (Extended Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
LissatVoltaxx - Closer To Me (Mike Vale Remix)028-11-2015
RoogDennis Ramoon - United Riddim (Original Mix)028-11-2015
MadSosua - You Can't Make Me Stop (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Tavo - Living My Life (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DJ Rooster - We Know House (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Martin Loud - Don't Stop The Rhythm (Original Mix)028-11-2015
BB86 - Make You Mine feat. Hayley J Brown (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Maddjazz - Everybody Move (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Maddjazz - Jack Move (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Maddjazz - Take Me Higher (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Maddjazz - Selekta Riddim (Proper Villains Remix)028-11-2015
Onerus - Shadows of Life (Original Mix)028-11-2015
69 Bit - Electric Piano (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Dave Pedrini - Sweet (Joseph Matera Remix)028-11-2015
SPANISH SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA - Energy (Extended 2015 Remastered)028-11-2015
Tommy the Sound - Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Tommy the Sound - Feel The Rhythm (Radio Edit)028-11-2015
Nicky Sandrini - Polygon (Original Mix)028-11-2015
B.Jinx - I Got It (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Reekee - Afternoon (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Reekee - No More (Original Flute Mix) (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Reekee - My Soul (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Reekee - Spiritual Image (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Epic Hunters - To Da Top (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Epic Hunters - Turn It Up (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Dj Vantigo - Deep is My House (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DEDA - Kaossilator Mini 2 (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Ed Krutikov - First Class (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Disco Traveller - Drop Me (Original Mix)028-11-2015
EkvatorJaxwell - Incredible (In EkvatorLand) (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DJ Zyaba - Mosquito (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Andre Hecht - Die Tiefe Nostalgie (Original Mix)028-11-2015
DreamSystemFabrician - Wanderer (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Joy Salinas - People Talk (Road Club Mix)028-11-2015
Joy Salinas - People Talk (Road Edit Mix)028-11-2015
Joy Salinas - Hands Off (Remix)028-11-2015
Joy Salinas - People Talk (Album Version)028-11-2015
IRIZZMATES - Vantablack (Original Mix)028-11-2015
The Veterans - If a Girl Is Having Fun (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Inaya DayRio Dela Duna - All About Us (Terry Lex Mix)028-11-2015
Lizzie Curious - Good Times (Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran Remix)028-11-2015
Andy RojasRoz Brown - With These Hands (Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
Flauschig - Live Free (Angelo Scalici Remix)028-11-2015
NuyoricaBonnie Legion - Charm (Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
DBNCosmo Klein - Cold Blooded Thieves (Monoloop Remix)028-11-2015
Discorocks - Sure Know Something feat. Naika (Rafael Yapudjian Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
Soma (USA) - Vendetta (Vocal Edit)028-11-2015
BioslaveRocy - Mood (Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
Alexandra Moon - Don't Leave Me Now (Eladi Batriani Mix)028-11-2015
Guru Da BeatJay SmithMilad Shokri - I Will Follow feat. Dan Wa (Original Mix)028-11-2015
Richard Grey - No Deputy feat. Bob Marley (Dub Vocal Mix)028-11-2015
DJ DanPeter Brown - A New Heaven (Original Mix)027-11-2015
The Electroliners - Loose Caboose (DJ Dan Remix)027-11-2015
Newmanhere - Don't Worry (Mike Balance Remix)027-11-2015
DJ DanMike Balance - Ready To Ride (Original Mix)027-11-2015
Mystic Roots Band - Tonite (DJ Dan & Sygnal 2015 Remix)027-11-2015
Armitage - Soul Jacker (Original Mix)027-11-2015
Peter BrownJorge Montia - Love Call (Original Mix)027-11-2015
divaDanielle - GhettoWork (Lizzie Curious Remix) (Original Mix)027-11-2015
DJ PPJack Mood - Knick (Original Mix)027-11-2015
Code3000 - Jack That Body (Dave Rose Remix)027-11-2015
Lizzie Curious - Disco Stormtrooper (Original Mix)027-11-2015
Gordon John - Party People (Original Mix)027-11-2015
GalloAlaia - The Message (Original Mix)027-11-2015
divaDanielle - Work, Walk, Jack (Original Mix)027-11-2015
Vivian B. - L'amour toujours (Jack Mazzoni Radio Remix)027-11-2015
Vivian B. - L'amour toujours (FM DJ Maxwell)027-11-2015

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