New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Dario Dep - All Unit (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Flash-X - Resonance (Jerome Keys Remix)027-10-2016
DJ Scale Ripper - Grand Pollution (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Elektrikall - Working In The Shadow (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Juan Carlos - Crossing (Lasawers Remix)027-10-2016
Gaetano VerdiThomas Tribal - 2 Funky (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Justin-E - Remorse (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Rene Reiter - Journey (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Justin-EJerome Keys - From Beyond (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Kriss Overlake - Hallucinogenik (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Subself - Red Chart (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Tony Enad - Dyne (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Tony Enad - Newton (Original Mix)027-10-2016
TimaoReneHell - Lebra (Original Mix)027-10-2016
TimaoReneHell - Verfall (Original Mix)027-10-2016
TimaoReneHell - Wiedergeburt (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Dunkelheit (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Flugschreiber (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Arweenn - Black Energy (Original mix)027-10-2016
Arweenn - Gollum (Original mix)027-10-2016
Alexander D'niel - Atm (Original mix)027-10-2016
Alexander D'niel - Tw (Original mix)027-10-2016
TomDJ - Cerberus (Extended Mix)027-10-2016
TomDJ - Glory Hole (Hard Mix)027-10-2016
Kryptonit - Pain (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Kryptonit - Drive (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Tears Of Fury - My Fury (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Dual FuelLinda Sclerotik - Japanese Nightmare (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Dual FuelLinda Sclerotik - Japanese Nightmare (Steve Shaden Remix)027-10-2016
Dual FuelLinda Sclerotik - Japanese Nightmare ([ Wex 10 ] Remix)027-10-2016
Evil ActivitiesDJ Mad Dog - 911 (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Nizzy - Control (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Nizzy - Freak (Original Mix)027-10-2016
DJ Ham - Green Eggs And... (Krome & Time Remix Remastered)027-10-2016
DJ Ham - Most Uplifting (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Nat UgleEloy Palma - Sativa (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Andy Bsk - What? (Original Mix)027-10-2016
Gabeen - Uncertainty (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Eme Kulhnek - First Low (Original Mix)026-10-2016
DJ ForceThe Evolution - Perfect Dreams (Citadel of Kaos Remix Remastered)026-10-2016
DJ ForceThe Evolution - Fall Down On Me (DJ Force & The Evolution Remix Remastered)026-10-2016
DJ Ham - Green Eggs And... (Remastered)026-10-2016
DJ Ham - Slowmotion (Remastered)026-10-2016
Greg Notill - Rebirth (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Gockel - Refreshing (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Gockel - Refreshing (Greg Notill Remix)026-10-2016
Sotek - The Game Is Over (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Srav3R - No Fear (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Sven Sossong - World (The Welderz Remix)026-10-2016
Volodia Rizak - Modulate (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Volodia Rizak - Trapez (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Volodia Rizak - Clap (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Die Glutrote Wand (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Die Glutrote Wand (Ruud S Remix)026-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Die Glutrote Wand (Okustick Remix)026-10-2016
HieroAfrozoid - Triple Fusion (Original Mix)026-10-2016
HieroAfrozoid - Freaky Garden (DJ Ogi Remix)026-10-2016
Gabeen - Pain (Original Mix)026-10-2016
ItusSantiago Ciapuscio - Quality Jump (Original Mix)026-10-2016
Silhouett3 - Fallout (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Van Dexter - Ultimate Seduction (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Van Dexter - Come On (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Luka Daniello - Strongeronimo (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Luka Daniello - Tougheronimo (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Drugs Of Technology - Kent (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Drugs Of Technology - Drakos (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (Fruhwerk Remix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (Sopik Remix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (Loic Lozano,C Buss Remix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (Kaizer The Dj Remix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (Juhan Kleingold Remix)025-10-2016
Tonikattitude - Esingus (GSM Remix)025-10-2016
Danny Stompe - Louder Than a Bomb (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Danny Stompe - Louder Than a Bomb (Terra4Beat Remix)025-10-2016
Danny Stompe - Time Machine (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Wiki Oknel - Black Magic (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Wiki Oknel - The Boss (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Blankenstein - False Hope (Nephtek Remix)025-10-2016
Blankenstein - False Hope (Kaizer the DJ Remix)025-10-2016
Future Primitive - Swift Half (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix Remastered)025-10-2016
Future Primitive - We're Flying (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix Remastered)025-10-2016
DJ Deseptycon - Don Demon (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Enzo Gari - Arkfall (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Enzo Gari - Kosei (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Enzo Gari - Allen Walker (Original Mix)025-10-2016
MozzyJonathanDeMaio - Low Somber (Original Mix)025-10-2016
MozzyJonathan De Maio - Prophet (Original Mix)025-10-2016
Alessandro Arigliano - T030 (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Joe KendutIna - Plan B (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Joe Kendut - ZU (Orignal Mix)024-10-2016
Bilro & Barbosa - Bass Sweep (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Bilro & Barbosa - Fob (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Bilro & Barbosa - Phunksystem (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Herr Hisenberg (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Abaddon (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Tropar Flot - Die Mondfinsternis (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Mark CowaxSven Arnolds - Lunch (Original Mix)024-10-2016
Mark CowaxSven Arnolds - Zip Zap (Original Mix)024-10-2016
WYGHT - Brute (The GBR Project Remix)024-10-2016

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