New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Evolution - Maniac026-02-2017
Yinn - Bloody Genius (Original Mix)026-02-2017
Yinn - Fallen Angels (Original Mix)026-02-2017
Yinn - Grimorium Verum (Original Mix)026-02-2017
Monophaze - Laughing Shrimps (Original Mix)025-02-2017
Monophaze - Laughing Shrimps (Hardtechno Repaint)025-02-2017
Monophaze - Laughing Shrimps (Nado Remix)025-02-2017
Yuri Folt - Black Spirit (Original Mix)025-02-2017
Yuri Folt - Comprehensive Paranoide (Original Mix)025-02-2017
Diztotion - EDM Smatch (Original Mix)025-02-2017
Alessandro Spaiani - All Around (Dario Sorano Remix)025-02-2017
Astrid Gnosis - Severe Delays (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Astrid Gnosis - Alibi (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Astrid Gnosis - Mothering Numbers (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Astrid Gnosis - Titan (Original Mix)024-02-2017
True Buddyz - In da Houze (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
True Buddyz - In da Houze (Extended Mix)024-02-2017
DjPablo - Arabika (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
DjPablo - Coc***a (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Potato - Turn It Up (Original Mix)024-02-2017
DjPablo - Kick The Bass (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
Ricardo Moreno - Bounce That Ass (Original Mix)024-02-2017
DjPablo - Freestyle Sessions (Mix)024-02-2017
Tawa Girl - Demons Souls (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Tawa Girl - Demons Souls (Katarina Ohalloran Remix)024-02-2017
RechargeDya Parte - Obtained By Terror024-02-2017
Cruel Intentions - Arroganza (Original Mix)024-02-2017
RaptureCruel Intentions - Stockholm Syndrome (Original Mix)024-02-2017
S. D. Rayden - Dissolution (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Jason Little - Bring the Silence (Original Mix)024-02-2017
S. D. Rayden - Fannypack (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Jason Little - Wait a Minute (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Flanger - Hb2y (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Flanger - Hb2y (Za__Paradigma Remix)024-02-2017
Alex Rampol - Lothric (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Alex Rampol - Lothric (Markus Weigelt Remix)024-02-2017
Alex Rampol - Anor Londo (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Pablo Caballero - Worlds Apart (Mozzy Remix)024-02-2017
GladyshevDiogene - Surround (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Astrid Gnosis - Arab Spring (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Astrid Gnosis - Troll (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Dave Intec - Mother's Rocker (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Dave Intec - Mother's Rocker (Jeto Zorus Remix)024-02-2017
Dave Intec - Mother's Rocker (El Brujo Remix)024-02-2017
Dave Intec - Mother's Rocker (Boeseman Remix)024-02-2017
Royal S - Freestyle Flow (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Pat BPotato - Good Times (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Liberty - There U Go (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
The Jockers - Rewind (Original Mix)024-02-2017
DjPablo - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Chavo - Crystal Warrior (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
Liberty - Seguro (DjPablo Freestyle Remix Radio Edit)024-02-2017
William WestThe Jockers - WTF (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
DjPabloQatja - Drop That Booty (Original Mix)024-02-2017
RDCGlenson - Chicas Bananas (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
PavoPlaybooyz - Hurricane (Original Mix)024-02-2017
MAD-BDj Ivanet - Detonated (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Fanatic Chaoz - Get Down (Original Mix)024-02-2017
MAD-B - F.J (Radio Edit)024-02-2017
DJ Revoltek - Black Note (Fab Lawren Remix)024-02-2017
DJ Revoltek - Black Note (Antique Project Dark Analysis Remix)024-02-2017
Mitomoro - Lovely X Comet (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Kiraku - Toast.girl (Original Mix)024-02-2017
Kevin Call - Rebirth (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Kevin Call - Welcome To The Future (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Jack Carel (The Architect) - Enemy in Sight (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Jack Carel (The Architect) - RET (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Jack Carel (The Architect) - Conclusion (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Sascha Müller - Acid Constructor (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Sascha Müller - Every Fashion (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Sascha Müller - Dirty Session (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Fusion Point - Impact (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Fusion Point - Moon Rock (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Fusion Point - Purple (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Fusion Point - Utahraptor (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Filthy Kid - Great (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Filthy Kid - Mutal Love (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Tawa Girl - Scorpion (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Lasawers - Base Point (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Lasawers - One More Day (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Lasawers - Wind To Renaissance (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Giuseppe Di Ceglie - Fists and Walls (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Giuseppe Di Ceglie - Workshop Manual (Original Mix)023-02-2017
TomDJ - Symbiosis (Rave Mix)023-02-2017
TomDJ - Voodoo (Club Mix)023-02-2017
Chavo - Crystal Warrior (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Claudio Deprada - Meka (Original Mix)023-02-2017
Claudio Deprada - Meka (EAS Remix)023-02-2017
Claudio Deprada - Meka (Felix Wehden Remix)023-02-2017
Claudio Deprada - Meka (LNO Remix)023-02-2017
Claudio Deprada - Meka (Prodx Remix)023-02-2017
Claudio Deprada - Meka (Vision2 Remix)023-02-2017
Kevin Call - Disorder (Original Mix)023-02-2017
SirioOgm909 - Beat My Drum (Original Mix)022-02-2017
SirioOgm909 - Execution Fashion (Original Mix)022-02-2017
Bleier - Midnight Job (Original Mix)022-02-2017
Bleier - Hard Rules (Original Mix)022-02-2017
Segler - Ghost (Original Mix)022-02-2017
Segler - Ghost (Sandro Galli Remix)022-02-2017
Segler - Ghost (DJ Ogi Remix)022-02-2017

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