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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Bryan Fury - Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned (Original Mix)024-06-2016
I:Gor - GALLOPING NEUROSIS (Original Mix)024-06-2016
I:Gor - Paralish (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Lust (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Lust (Las Vegas Parano Remix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Lust (Rosemary's Baby Remix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Epic (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Epic (Frank Ross Remix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Epic (Variant Remix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Wet (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Orphan - Wet (Las Vegas Parano Remix)024-06-2016
XBurnout - Fire Up (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Roderside - Soaves (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Roderside - RS0002 (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Roderside - Oblivium (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Roderside - Recorders (Original Mix)024-06-2016
DJ LewisDj Bombi - Hard Noize (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Dj Aaron - Back To Old School (Original Mix)024-06-2016
The CF Corporation - Creating (Level Three Dub)024-06-2016
Carbone - The Fire (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Carbone - Rewind That (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Carbone - Pull Up The Ganja (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Carbone - New Dimension (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mr. Rog - En Resumen (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mr. Rog - Inside (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mr. Rog - La Pata Leta (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Bryan Fury - Ex-It (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Dj Gino - Speedmak (Original Mix)024-06-2016
GinoDJ ContraMochue - O.V.N.I. Base (Original Mix)024-06-2016
GinoDJ ContraMochue - Arms Of Heaven (Original Mix)024-06-2016
DJ VicDJ Contra - Metalbass (Original Mix)024-06-2016
DJ ContraDj Turbina - Borealic 16C (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Victor RondaDj Ivish - The Exorcist (Original Mix)024-06-2016
DJ ContraDj Frankcisko Garcia - Necropolis (Original Mix)024-06-2016
BerniDJ Contra - New Process (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Dj Castaño - Attempt To Start (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Innovative - The Wrong Choice (Original Mix)024-06-2016
InnovativeSynaptic Memories - Captivity of Negativity (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Synaptic Memories - Subconscious (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Joe Wave - Water (Original Mix)024-06-2016
A.p.t.a - Nachgeburt (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Enrico Fuerte - Total Destruction (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mozzy - Shut Up (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Exhibitus - D.R.U.G.S (Nani Killa Remix)024-06-2016
Enrico Fuerte - Total Destruction (Cranker R Remix)024-06-2016
SopikScreamer - Divination (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Tiago - Strike (Original Black Mix)024-06-2016
Marian DacalDJ ContraDJ T-T Destroy - Now Or Never (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Sindrome MX - Rizostoma (Original Mix)024-06-2016
DJ PeyesDJ Puertas - Spartans (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Victor RondaDJ Contra - Old Song (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mental Crush - To The Beat (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mental Crush - Puerta (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mental Crush - I Can Give You (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Ruvick L - Reliving the Mind (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Ruvick L - Paranoiac Things (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Dark Noise - Fucking Game (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Dark Noise - Instaf#ck (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - The Night (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Open Minded (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Kingdom of God (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Freunde, Verwandte und Bedeutungslose (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Don't Be Afraid (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - The Race (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Scream (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Five or Four (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Jason Little - Don't Fall Asleep (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Marq AurelRayman Rave - Feel Alive (Danjel Summers Remix)024-06-2016
Dj Darkpain - Your Own Hell Is Waiting For You (Refix MMXVI)024-06-2016
Dj Darkpain - Hard To Hard (V Edition - Official Anthem)024-06-2016
Dj Darkpain - Pain & Torture (CCXL BPM Mix)024-06-2016
Area51 - Bum Diggi Bum (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Fabrice Torricella - Inhale (Avgusto Remix)024-06-2016
Deathmachine - I Know (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Deathmachine - Distort U (Original Mix)024-06-2016
The Hard Way - Pentagram Of Coke (Deathmachine Remix)024-06-2016
Pete Dorling - Different Side Of Town (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Agustin Cocco - Music Night (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Agustin Cocco - I Don't See A Face (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Mental Crush - Gateway (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Deathmachine - Stay With Us (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Avgusto - Black Drama (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Avgusto - Colourless Fields (Original Mix)024-06-2016
Ivan Gafer - Chronic (DubCore Remix)024-06-2016
DJ Virulenz - Soldier (Original Mix)023-06-2016
DJ Virulenz - Survivors (Original Mix)023-06-2016
MC RaveIVAN X-TREME - Listen Now (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Steve Shaden - Criminal (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Steve Shaden - Madhouse (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Crossfiyah - Dominate (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Crossfiyah - Dominate (Radio Edit)023-06-2016
Mind - Px 101 (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Mind - Px 102 (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Mind - Px 103 (Original Mix)023-06-2016
FuryanD-Fence - Fastlane (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Knod Ap - Mag sein (Kevin Wesp Remix)023-06-2016
Knod Ap - Mag sein (Original Mix)023-06-2016
Knod Ap - Mag sein (A.p.t.a Remix)023-06-2016
Knod Ap - Mag sein (Cubex Remix)023-06-2016
KriZFade - Don't Lose Your Reality (Steve Shaden Remix)023-06-2016

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