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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Darmec - Dynamic (Original Mix)019-12-2014
A.B - Carburettor (Original Mix)019-12-2014
A.B - Rok Da Beat (Original Mix)019-12-2014
K-Wire - Smiler (VIP Edit)019-12-2014
A.B - Dark Matter (Original Mix)019-12-2014
A.B - Pigeon (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Substanced - Silence A Prayer (Substanced Remix)019-12-2014
Technikore - Difference (DJ Ned (CLSM) Remix)019-12-2014
Ectomorph - Closer To God (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Dante - Drug Real (Douglas Remix)019-12-2014
A.B - This (Westfest VIP)019-12-2014
Douglas - No Alternative (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Rhythmics - Requiem (Original Mix)019-12-2014
K-Wire - Euphoria (Original Mix)019-12-2014
jD-KiD - Unpreventable (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Rhythmics - What We Learn (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Azza B - Ladies & Gentlemen (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Space Destination (Oscar Porga Remix)019-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Space Destination (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Gracie - Black Space (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Forza Beatz - A Day At the Office (Club Edit)019-12-2014
Forza Beatz - Revolution (Club Mix)019-12-2014
Dj's Double Smile - Tutankhamon (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Dj's Double Smile - Drugs (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Eufeion - Bomb Diggy (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Exhibitus - Getting Lost (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Exhibitus - Fast Forward (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Exhibitus - Brute Force (Original Mix)019-12-2014
DJ Ded - Going (Original Mix)019-12-2014
DJ Ded - Stand Up (Pulsatorz Remix)019-12-2014
DJ Ded - Beat the Street (Double Phunq Remix)019-12-2014
DJ Ded - Freakin' (Original Mix)019-12-2014
DJ Ded - Never Life (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Derek Pitral - Dooie Mus (Original Mix)019-12-2014
SubSight - Circles (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Chris David - Hydromane (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Gene Karz - Riesen (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Raftek - Lupus in Fabula (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Tachini - Skreek (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Gracie - Infekted (Niereich Remix)019-12-2014
Destroyer - Xpress (Original Mix)019-12-2014
AnGy KoRe - Sasau (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Sceptical C - The Beat Makes You Bop (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Gene Karz - Autopsie (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Claudio Petroni - The Big Shooter (Original Mix)019-12-2014
DJ Hi-Shock - Control (2014 Heavy Techno Mix)019-12-2014
Lasawers - Memory Lost (Original Mix)019-12-2014
C-System - Dead Kiss (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Extra Dry - Comali (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Warped - Tropical Techno (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Hardom - Reload (Original Mix)019-12-2014
B-Vek - Engineer (B-Vek Remix)019-12-2014
Fabrice Torricella - Neurotomie (Fabrice Torricella Lobotomie Remix)019-12-2014
Energun - The Logic of Thought (Paul Begge Remix)019-12-2014
Nosferatu - The Wild Side (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Chance - Refuel (Hardcore Mix)019-12-2014
J-Mac - Feel The Vibe (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Nuton - Gates Of Hell (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Felixx - Jelly Time (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Klubfiller - Hold Of My Heart (Original Mix)019-12-2014
J-Mac - Can You Feel It (Original Mix)019-12-2014
MC Storm - Won't Stop (Original Mix)019-12-2014
DJC - Children 2014 (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Nuton - Give Into You (Original Mix)019-12-2014
J-Mac - Home (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Re-Force - Freaky (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Re-Force - What Did I Do (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Klubfiller - This Is The Beat (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Klubfiller - Without You (Original Mix)019-12-2014
J.K - Riff Story (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Nuton - Gemini (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Octane - Tequila Slammer (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Re-Force - Creer (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Ganar - 3, 2, 1 Lets Go (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Re-Force - Putcha Hands Up (Original Mix)019-12-2014
J-Mac - Get Up & Groove (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Klubfiller - You & Me (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Re-Con - Nailed It (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Chris Unknown - I Surrender (Original Mix)019-12-2014
J-Mac - Drop That Beat (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Hixxy - Just Accept It 2014 (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Chris Unknown - Decisions (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Gammer - I Adore (Gammer Remix)019-12-2014
Nuton - Dig Dis (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Gammer - Late Night (Original Mix)019-12-2014
J-Mac - Kick The Rhythm (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Re-Con - Calling (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Chris Unknown - The Haunting (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Joey Riot - Riot In The Klub (Original Mix)019-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Morphling Remix)017-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Faden Remix)017-12-2014
Christopher Hermann - Platform One (Original Mix)017-12-2014
Christopher Hermann - Platform Two (Original Mix)017-12-2014
Marcsen W - 13Th Man (Distortion Mix)017-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Stevie Rose Remix)017-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Gladyshev Remix)017-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Erik Yahnkovf 'Version 2' Remix)017-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Erik Yahnkovf 'Version 1' Remix)017-12-2014
Terra4beat - Fantom (Kxel Remix)017-12-2014
Bosphore - Fantom (Bosphore Remix)017-12-2014

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