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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
KrustBro - Void (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Tito K. - Cold Blooded (Mark Cowax Remix)016-01-2017
Pol-Anko - Big Bass Boom (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Secret Societies (Intoxx Remix)016-01-2017
Batteriebetrieb - The Secret (Oxidoxs Remix)016-01-2017
InToXx - Tinnitus (Batteriebetrieb Remix)016-01-2017
Marcel Schramm - Red Flag (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Van Dexter - Bye Bye (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Van Dexter - Daddy (Yamato Nobunaga Remix)016-01-2017
Yamato Nobunaga - Cold Blood Killer (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Anthony GordenMarc Cowax - Grooving Moments (Vincent Mix)016-01-2017
Fresh Otis - Dirty Pantys (Intoxx Remix)016-01-2017
Oruam Zior - Solo (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Pyramidal Decode - Maze (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Sirius Brown - Creaky Illusion (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Claas Herrmann - Salome (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Ferum - Infection (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Marc BJuan Mora - Phrases (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Audio Bigot - Night Watch (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Sneaky Freq - Mother Funker (Original Mix)016-01-2017
LucasGolpe - FSociety ((Original Mix))016-01-2017
LucasGolpe - Turns Me On ((Original Mix))016-01-2017
LucasGolpe - FSociety (Barbers Remix)016-01-2017
Volodia Rizak - Dark Day (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Volodia Rizak - Dark & Loud (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Volodia Rizak - Liebestraum (Original Mix)016-01-2017
AckiAngelo Raguso - Pulsar (Original Mix)016-01-2017
AckiAngelo Raguso - Connor (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Dan Alex - Tacoa (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Dan Alex - Chevy Chase (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Morfin Ma'fer - Behind The System #5 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Morfin Ma'fer - Behind The System #4 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Morfin Ma'fer - Behind The System #3 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Morfin Ma'fer - Behind The System #2 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Morfin Ma'fer - Behind The System #1 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Tawa Girl - Spirit Voice (Hellmekanism Remix)016-01-2017
Batteriebetrieb - The Game (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Turner - High Resolution (Original Mix)016-01-2017
InToXx - Zeitreise (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Turner - Raw Elements (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Der Prediger - Dark Techno Fuckers (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Hazar Devil - Mystical Mind (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Filippo Zupardi - You Can't Handle It (Original Mix)016-01-2017
The DJ Producer - Rhythm's A Drug (Original Mix)016-01-2017
The DJ Producer - Take Over the World (Original Mix)016-01-2017
The DJ Producer - Feel You Now (Original Mix)016-01-2017
The DJ Producer - Downside Up (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Dark Mate - Jano (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Dark Mate - Izanami (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Candy - U Can't Stop 233 (Radio Edit)016-01-2017
Kirill Mator - I Believe (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Kirill Mator - I Believe (Volodia Rizak Remix)016-01-2017
Sylaa - Dissolution (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Sylaa - Dissolution (ReneHell Remix)016-01-2017
Sylaa - Dissolution (Timao Remix)016-01-2017
Sopik - Biohazard (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Bang (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Bang 2 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Chatterbox (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Circles (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Echo of the Voice (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Emperor (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Hard Techno (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Holy Spirit (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Love Techno YO (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Mask Man (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Mode (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Pont (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Shadow (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Sistema (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Soup (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Swera (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - The Energy of Life (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Valley (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Vortex Atmosfera (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Alex Brend - Water Bank (Original Mix)016-01-2017
End 519 - Darkstalkers (Original Mix)016-01-2017
End 519 - High Blaze (Original Mix)016-01-2017
End 519 - Techno Rockers (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Sasha Romaniuk - Paternosters (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Bitonal - No1 (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Canosa - Wonderwall (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Fresh Otis - Give It Up (Original Mix)016-01-2017
M3CA - Globule Army (Original Mix)016-01-2017
Yan Oxygen - It's Late (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Morgan MexxSasho Derama - Veteran (Original Mix)015-01-2017
FartechSasho Derama - Nosi (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Hawk - Soldier (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Davidoid - Solid State (Vitor Saguanza Remix)015-01-2017
VoodoopriesterBerri & Wald - Staphylococcus Aureus (Original Mix)015-01-2017
HP Source - Road Rage (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Kevin Witt - Smooth (Dandi & Ugo Remix)015-01-2017
Robotron - Nuclear (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Luix Spectrum - Psycho Trip (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Nodek - Zero Sum (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Diego Negretti - Psychoactive (Luix Spectrum Remix)015-01-2017
Joe Kendut - Never (Hell Driver Remix)015-01-2017
Tonikattitude - Zenha (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Sahaf - Nuclear Waves (Original Mix)015-01-2017
Rave Kommando - Raveolutionary (Original Mix)015-01-2017

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