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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Pino Lopez - Spiritual Endowment (Pino Lopez Remix)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - Dub da Bass (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - Time to Play (Dubstep Edit)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - Smoke and Die (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - Love That Shit (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - Wobble Robbie (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - I Fuck With You (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Boiling Energy - Seven Days (Dubstep Edit)004-02-2015
Max Weit - Destroy Humans (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Max Weit - Hypnotized (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Max Weit - Rarity (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Klubfiller - Last Forever (Sc@r & Klubfiller Remix)004-02-2015
S3rl - Escape (DJ Edit)004-02-2015
Oliver Lamur - Ball Breaker (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Oliver Lamur - Ball Breaker (Ghostt Groove Remix)004-02-2015
Oliver Lamur - Ball Breaker (Miguel Quiterio Remix)004-02-2015
Dead Space - Mazalo (Original Mix)004-02-2015
Datamatrix - Infinity (Matt Ess & Erik S Remix)004-02-2015
Datamatrix - Infinity (Terra4 Beat Remix)004-02-2015
Gieziabisai - Spiritual Endowment (DJ Scale Ripper Remix)004-02-2015
K-Hole - Spiritual Endowment (K-Hole Remix)004-02-2015
Loco Motiv - Castor 43 (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Dennis Slim - Castor 43 (Dennis Slim Remix)003-02-2015
Nekros - Outside the World (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Nekros - Absence (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Nekros - Horen (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Ced.Rec - Oculus (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Alex Rampol - Oculus (Alex Rampol Remix)003-02-2015
Kai Pattenberg - Oculus (Kai Pattenberg Remix)003-02-2015
Joseph Dalik - Oculus (Joseph Dalik Remix)003-02-2015
Cubex - Three Kings (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Cubex - Brick Top (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Terra4beat - Kutela (Gvido Binelli Remix)003-02-2015
Terra4beat - Kutela (Komut Remix)003-02-2015
Terra4beat - Kutela (Rework)003-02-2015
Terra4beat - Kutela (Kai Pattenberg Remix)003-02-2015
Terra4beat - Kutela (Otin & Max Weit Remix)003-02-2015
Goncalo M - Good Days Ahead (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Primus V - Tribut To Speedy & Bailey (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Popperman - Human Destroyer (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Humberto Plaza - Rubber (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Jeff Robens - 1000W (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Nuelin - Amanita (Original Mix)003-02-2015
DJ Brutec - Xone (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Smull - Rage (Original Mix)003-02-2015
Moteka - Crypto X (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Spektral - Masia Water Fest (2015 Edit)002-02-2015
Spektral - Much for Love (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Adrian Sanchez - We Fight for Techno (Adrian Sanchez Remix)002-02-2015
Primus V - We Fight for Techno (Primus V Remix)002-02-2015
Chewy Martins - We Fight for Techno (Chewy Martins Remix)002-02-2015
Eric Sand - We Fight for Techno (Eric Sand Remix)002-02-2015
Gomu - We Fight for Techno (Huan Oc Remix)002-02-2015
Gomu - We Fight for Techno (Rework Mix)002-02-2015
Gomu - We Fight for Techno (Nuelin Groove Remix)002-02-2015
Supernovae - Firefly (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Old Riders - Mexalem - Mexalem (Original Mix)002-02-2015
V!NH - Dark Matter (Original Mix)002-02-2015
V!NH - Hope (Original Mix)002-02-2015
V!NH - Insomnia (Original Mix)002-02-2015
V!NH - Dreamer (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Alex Bau - Militia (Alex Bau Remix)002-02-2015
DJ Misjah - Future Dynamics (DJ Misjah Remix)002-02-2015
Acensor - Future Dynamics (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Oli Drago - Look Behind You (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Ratshack - Militia (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Kai Randy Michel - Exobiology (Kai Randy Michel Remix)002-02-2015
Eleven's11 - 909 (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Gabros - Indefinite (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Mox - Rock the Disco (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Mox - Dreamworld (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Mox - Like a Machine (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Nobody - Rock the Disco (Nobody Remix)002-02-2015
Audio Stomperz - Everything (Audio Stomperz Remix)002-02-2015
Profane - Goodbye (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Amir Razanica - Attack On Alfa Quadrant (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Amir Razanica - Death Notices (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Amir Razanica - Ebola (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Amir Razanica - Notwehr (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Circuit (END 519 Remix)002-02-2015
Marcel Locust - Nasty Circuit (Marcel Locust Remix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Circuit (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Circuit (Otin & Max Weit Remix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Curcuit (Tranonica Remix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Circuit (FabioTek Remix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Circuit (Everdom's Crazy Circuit Remix)002-02-2015
Klangfehler - Nasty Circuit (Xav Embryonated Remix)002-02-2015
Bas Maksim - Angel Never Sleeps (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Eric Sand - High (Eric Sand Remix)002-02-2015
DJ Brutec - Massat (Original Mix)002-02-2015
D-Wan - T13l (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Hernan Pallero - Cobra (Original Mix)002-02-2015
Mark Williams - 032 (Mark Williams Remix)002-02-2015
DJ Kambel - No More Joking (DJ Kambel vs TJ Blitz 2015 Mix Remix)002-02-2015
DJ Kambel - No More Joking 2015 (Chris Unknown Remix)002-02-2015
Narkotech - Coffin Joe (Original Mix)001-02-2015
AudioGamer - Mysterious Victim (Original Mix)001-02-2015
A.p.t.a - Machines (Original Mix)001-02-2015
Hawk - Opium (Original Mix)001-02-2015
Joy Fagnani - Bloody Sheets (Stevie Wilson Remix)001-02-2015

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