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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Michele Ferrara - R3st (Vallas Martins Remix)002-12-2016
Michele Ferrara - R3st (Dominik Haak Remix)002-12-2016
Michele Ferrara - R3st (Roman Faero Remix)002-12-2016
Michele Ferrara - R3st (Oxidoxs Remix)002-12-2016
DrumBeat - Euforia (Original Mix)002-12-2016
DrumBeat - Phyme (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Area 51 - This Is Hell (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Akulin - Whipped brains (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Akulin - Tranquilizer (Original Mix)002-12-2016
DJ Mark C - The Fifth Mountain (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Mirko Antico - Tremors (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Mirko Antico - May Day (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Harry Potar - Old School Violence (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Harry Potar - New Dawn (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Michael Weis - Fireshaping (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Sergy Casttle - Inside Heads (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Eric Sand - Dead Pool 2 (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Better Than One - Greenhouse Effect (David Temessi Remix)002-12-2016
KRTM - Let Me In (Original Mix)002-12-2016
BILY - Materia (Original Mix)002-12-2016
BILY - Impact (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Boofather - Ravers Of 92 (Paul Cronin Remix)002-12-2016
DJ JediRadiosam - Double Impact (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Alk-E-D - Raw (Remastered)002-12-2016
Alk-E-D - Home (Dj Luna-C's Spare Paddle Mix (Remastered))002-12-2016
Blankenstein - Hells Industrie (Schillinger & Stevens with Marcel Minimal Remix)002-12-2016
Blankenstein - Hells Industrie (Rosemarys Baby Remix)002-12-2016
Blankenstein - Hells Industrie (Kaizer the DJ Remix)002-12-2016
Blankenstein - Hells Industrie (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Blankenstein - False Hope (Swen Willner Remix) (Bonus Track)002-12-2016
Michele Ferrara - R3st (Original Mix)002-12-2016
Neptuun - Acid Complexis 23 (Extended Mix)001-12-2016
Orphan - Moan (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Tromatyk - Fire Max (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Orphan - Horny (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Tim Neumann a.k.a. Lunatic - Counter Core (Psychopel Remix)001-12-2016
WitheckerBrothers in Arms a.k.a. Jason Little - Something to Show (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Tromatyk - Lean On RMX (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Tromatyk - Sauvage (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Tromatyk - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Timao - Beherit (Oxidoxs Remix)001-12-2016
Timao - Disharmonic Orchestra (Christian Schachinger Remix)001-12-2016
Timao - Rakatack (ReneHell Remix)001-12-2016
Neptuun - Acid Complexis 34 (Extended Mix)001-12-2016
Strobcore - 808 (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Strobcore - Hybrid Territories (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Strobcore - Say What Again (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Tonikattitude - Dionysos (Joao Paulo Remix)001-12-2016
Lollox - Ego Poem (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Political Baddie - Jesus Shaped Rock Ponse (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Ron Benjamin - I Am (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Construct Ost - Analog Strom (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Ron Benjamin - Ronatomic (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Kristina LalicSteve Shaden - Compromise (RAW Mix)001-12-2016
Killswitcher - The Pain (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Killswitcher - Weird (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Killswitcher - Dirty (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Killswitcher - Do That (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Killswitcher - Sweet Suffering (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Construct Ost - Illuminat (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Construct Ost - Subechoes (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Instigator - 10 Fold (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Construct Ost - Dark of the Moon (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Ron Benjamin - I Am (Vocal Mix)001-12-2016
King Tormentor - The March (Original Mix)001-12-2016
King TormentorJenova Project - Destroy Everything feat. Jenova Project (Original Mix)001-12-2016
DiMentionKing Tormentor - Ruff N Tuff feat. Dimention (Original Mix)001-12-2016
DJ ForceThe Evolution - Stampede (Remastered)001-12-2016
Tha PlayahDestructive TendenciesMC Jeff - Play My Game feat. MC Jeff (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Marco Kallas - Dark Side (Original Mix)001-12-2016
Marco Kallas - Slave (Original Mix)001-12-2016
King Tormentor - Bow To The King (Original Mix)001-12-2016
DJ ForceThe Evolution - Show Me Heaven (Remastered)001-12-2016
Beat Synonym - Albion Skunk (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Beat Synonym - Boom (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Beat Synonym - Burning Forest (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Beat Synonym - Tutanchamon (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Jack Carpenter - The Alchemist (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Jack Carpenter - Liberation (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Carles DJ - Crazy World (Original Version)030-11-2016
Filippo Zupardi - Back In The Dark (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Fabrizio Pettorelli - Boundless (Original Mix)030-11-2016
VladinBd - Under The Sun (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Abductions - Mind Control (Chris Lo Remix)030-11-2016
Chris Lo - Bases Unknown To Me (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Cave Djz - Speedtest (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Komut - Tally (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Sasho Derama - Format It (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Bennito V - Bonn (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Giu Montijo - Bipolar (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Erik Yahnkovf - La Leyenda Urbana (Original Mix)030-11-2016
W3YR - Harmony (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Carles DJ - Urban Tribe (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Compact Noise - External Noise (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Nathalie De Borah - Radio Kupferdreh (Original Mix)030-11-2016
B-Vendel - Squelch Transit (Original Mix)030-11-2016
DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING - Internet bitch (P*Light Remix)030-11-2016
G. Pellegrino - Spyland (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Canosa - Tyre (Original Mix)030-11-2016
Canosa - Tar (Original Mix)030-11-2016

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