New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
MK Junior, DJ Performance - Release the Bass (Hardstyle Mix)025-04-2012
Antologist - Virtual Reality (Edit Radio)025-04-2012
Tyggers - Go for (Radio Mix)025-04-2012
DJanny, Joaquin DJ - Infinity (Neurotix Mix)025-04-2012
DJanny - Connected (Original Mix)025-04-2012
DJ Tana - Reverse (Hardemotion Anthem)025-04-2012
Nitro Man - Sahara Tempest (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Express Viviana - Oh My God (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Sasha F, Kodex - Trauma (J.T.S Remix)025-04-2012
2 Brothers Of Hardstyle - Battle for Success (Mic E Remix)025-04-2012
Headfucker - The Law (Dizmaster Hard Mix)025-04-2012
The Ripper, Miss Electra - Back to the Rock (Dead Man & Tomahawk Remix)025-04-2012
Jack Blade, Hellboy - Jump'n Run (Darkman Remix)025-04-2012
Jimmy The Sound - Revenge (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Nikko 360 - Jumping Is Not a Crime (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Doctor Traxx - Give Me the Beat (Edit Radio)025-04-2012
Doctor Traxx - Jumping Melostyle (Edit Radio)025-04-2012
Spirit X - Feel (Vocal Radio Edit)025-04-2012
Hardlead Killa - Overmind (Original Mix)025-04-2012
DJ Blow - Go to Party (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Tyggers - Anthem Jump (Edit Radio)025-04-2012
Tosch - Lost in Love (Hardstatic Edit Mix)025-04-2012
Brainkicker, Hardstatic - The Weasel (Radio Edit)025-04-2012
Doctor Traxx - Get Ready (Edit Radio)025-04-2012
Regular System - My Control (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Yakita - Beat System (Extended Mix)025-04-2012
Kickin' Devil - Candyman (Darkstyle Mix Radio)025-04-2012
Kickin' Devil - Dark and Light (Original Mix)025-04-2012
DJ Mazeltof - E.M.A (Original Mix)025-04-2012
Unknown, Sy - I Can See It In Your Eyes (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Omi - Hardmony (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Omi - Immune (Original Mix)023-04-2012
DJ Neon - Creation of Sound (Original Mix)023-04-2012
DJ Neon, MC Smash - B*U*F*U (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Elemental - Loose Ends (Elemelody Mix)023-04-2012
Du'art - French Impact (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Du'art - Systematik (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Sounderz - Ring (Original Mix)023-04-2012
BiG - A - Dirty (Stylemasters Remix)023-04-2012
Technikore, Jonny G, MC Mayhem - You Told Me (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Jonny G, MC Mayhem - Fit In Or F**k Off (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Manu Kenton, Nicolas Clays - Starting Bloc (Original)023-04-2012
Manu Kenton, Nicolas Clays - Ultimate Seduction (Original)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - The Holographic Principle (Original Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Black Sky (Original Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - The General And The Mountain (Original Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Moloch (Original Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Approach (Clipping Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Maximum Control Zone (Original Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Hell Part One (Fire)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Hell Part Two (Earth)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Phantom Skies (Original Mix)023-04-2012
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Military Industrial Complex (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Raving Donkey - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Kandie Rush, MC Deverstate, Inspiration - Feel You (Original Mix)023-04-2012
DJ 3Star - The Truth (Original Mix)023-04-2012
DJ 3Star - Overdrive (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Andy Bsk - Notebook Killer (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Andy Bsk - Rock The Beat (Original Mix)023-04-2012
Marco Stylez - Herst Oida (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Marco Stylez - Vecors (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Marco Stylez - Troublesome (Original Mix)004-12-2009
DJ Arcane, Solid - Memories (Original Mix)004-12-2009
DJ Arcane - Number One (Original Mix)004-12-2009
DJ Arcane - Pula (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Deathmachine - Clusterfukt (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Deathmachine - Descent (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Deathmachine - None Of Our Lives Matter (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Deathmachine - Machine Alternative (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Deathmachine - Follow My Sound (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Alex K. Katz - No Prisoner (Original Mix)004-12-2009
Kay D. Smith - Face Smasher (Original Mix)004-12-2009
DJ Warp - Electric Groove (Son Of Zev Remix)003-12-2009
DJ D - Get It Right (Original Mix)002-12-2009
DJ D - Bombs (Original Mix)002-12-2009
DJ D - Destiny feat. DJ Piwi (Original Mix)002-12-2009
DJ Warp - Electric Groove (Original Mix)002-12-2009
DJ Warp - Electric Groove (DJ Hi-shock Remix)001-12-2009
DJ Warp - Electric Groove (Bitch Shift Remix)001-12-2009
DJ Warp - Electric Groove (DJ Warp Remix)001-12-2009
Orman Bitch - Without Intermission (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Orman Bitch - Shut The Fuck Up (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Randy Emt - Surveillance State (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Randy Emt - Heartcore (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Terra Nine - Son Of Z Rave (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Terra Nine - Paranoia (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Terra Nine - Little Green Men (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Saint Synth - Saw (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Anamorphic - Musicmakers (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Anamorphic - Stream (Original Mix)001-12-2009
The Ripper - The Light (Suicide Corps Mix)001-12-2009
Warmduscher, DJ Tom X - Cocaine 2k9 remixes (DJ Brush Remix)001-12-2009
Kaotix - Attentions (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Bloodpressure, Mindshockers - Push It (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Stephmadfx, DJ Trucks - Accordion ! (Remix Ronie Mc Bride)001-12-2009
Kev D - Fathoms (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Kev D - Fathoms (Jerome Bakers Warlord Mix)001-12-2009
Motormorfoses - Hurts (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Sepromatiq - Meter (Original Mix)001-12-2009
Albert Kraner, Salve Trucha - Run For Cover (Original Mix)001-12-2009

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