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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)025-09-2016
S3rl - D.E.V.I.L (Original Mix)024-09-2016
S3rl - 3 To The Floor (Original Mix)024-09-2016
S3rl - Come On Do It (Original Mix)024-09-2016
EllieS3rl - Can't Bring Me Down (Original Mix)024-09-2016
S3rlAmy - Artificial Energy (Original Mix)024-09-2016
S3rl - Crank It Louder (Original Mix)024-09-2016
S3rl - Blast The Noise (Original Mix)024-09-2016
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)024-09-2016
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)024-09-2016
Salvo Caravello - Unique (Original Mix)024-09-2016
exploSpirit - Invasive Machines (Original Mix)024-09-2016
Aurora-D - The Voice Inside (Original Mix)024-09-2016
Otin - Industry (Champas Remix)024-09-2016
HeretikTreachery - Power (2016 Black Magic Anthem - Instrumental)024-09-2016
Treachery - Hard Like Thunder (Original Mix)024-09-2016
HeretikTreachery - Power (2016 Black Magic Anthem)024-09-2016
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)024-09-2016
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)024-09-2016
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dirty (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Jose Guerrero - Be Aware (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Entropy Frequency - Search (Original Mix)023-09-2016
P01sed - Closer (LADO Remix)023-09-2016
Chewy Martins - The System (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dly14 (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dirty (Walter Contreras Remix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dirty (Mr. Gemini Remix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dly14 (Mr. Gemini Remix)023-09-2016
Tonny Beat - Shit Iz Real (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Burnout - Shoot Out (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Entropy Frequency - Abyss (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Jason LittleMC Frustrator - Pallet Invasion Anthem: Ground Zero 2016 (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dirty (Rowen X Remix)023-09-2016
Fckn Gamm - Dly14 (Walter Contreras Remix)023-09-2016
Detest - Midnight Motherfuckers (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Mario Ranieri - Hardtechno Is Not for Babies (Feat. Elena) (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Teoss - Dark Shape (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Mario Ranieri - Hardtechno Is Not for Babies (Feat. Elena) (Unknown Forces Hardcore Remix)023-09-2016
Dolphin - Disco Shit (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Moleculez - Stomp 242 (Original Mix)023-09-2016
StreiksKratchs - Kick Your Ass (Original Mix)023-09-2016
StreiksKratchs - F#cking Shoot Me (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Vesho - Noxium (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Swavtek - Nom Nom Ate The Name (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Detest - Shotgun (The DJ Producers Love Or Nothing XTRM Edit)023-09-2016
Detest - We dont give a fuck (Original Mix)023-09-2016
ClownyReminisce - Get Loose (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Ruud S - Storm (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Swavtek - La Pho-Ton Wazoo (Original Mix)023-09-2016
StreiksKratchs - Where Is My Daughter (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Tuomas Rantanen - Conan Drum (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Mario Ranieri - Hardtechno Is Not for Babies (Feat. Elena) (O.B.I. Remix)023-09-2016
Detest - You Cant Break Me (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Detest - My Porn (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Moleculez - Auto Damage (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Matthew Bomb - Sick Type 02 (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Vesho - Presidium (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Moleculez - Destruction In Production (Original Mix)023-09-2016
The Teknoist - Kev Mcalls Late Burpday Present (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Sasha Romaniuk - Enter (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Tuomas Rantanen - Hawk Moth (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Matt Morra - Patient Zero (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Matt Morra - Patient Zero (GO!DIVA Remix)023-09-2016
Matthew Bomb - Sick Type 02 (V111 Remix)023-09-2016
Corey Biggs - Time Enchantments (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Moleculez - Drumbleed (Original Mix)023-09-2016
WÃ?LT - Samo Jako (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Detest - Brave the storm (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Detest - Ultra Deth (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Detest - Witch Hunt (The Outside Agency Remix)023-09-2016
Detest - Awakening (Original Mix)023-09-2016
Brian Lespio - Aux (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Jason Little - Desaster (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Jason Little - Party (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Kiya-K - I'm Coming 4 U (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Icha - Bulletproof (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Icha - HOT! (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Vesho - Low Pain (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Vesho - Low Pain (Kemyo Remix)022-09-2016
Les Castizos - Take It Back (Dopenope Remix)022-09-2016
Kemyo - Dark Lady (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Kemyo - Mein Freund (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Kemyo - This Fucking Voice in My Head (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Kryptonit - Drone (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Yowait - The Beginning (Original Mix)022-09-2016
Danyck - Calling (Samy Burton Remix)021-09-2016
Matthew Smillie - Bring Back (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Matthew Smillie - Bring Back (Carl Antony Remix)021-09-2016
Matthew Smillie - The Arches (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Matthew Smillie - The Arches (Nico Kohler Remix)021-09-2016
Matthew Smillie - The Arches (Chris Craig Remix)021-09-2016
Archonoise - Fuck You Up (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Archonoise - Wrong Guy (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Archonoise - Rage (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Archonoise - Soulless Bastards (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Lars Herbordt - Fucked Up (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Lars Herbordt - Final Assault (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Lars Herbordt - Still There (Original Mix)021-09-2016
Harry PotarDr. Peacock - Dancing Star (Original Mix)021-09-2016

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