New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

Welcome to the latest Hardcore Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Hardcore music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Marco Rane - Euphoria (Original Mix)030-04-2009
Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss - The Cult (Original Mix)028-04-2009
Collen Vax, Anjay - Authorized (Original Mix)028-04-2009
Marina, Bad Boy Pete - Teknofest (Original Mix)028-04-2009
Waldhaus - Drive (Original Mix)028-04-2009
DJ Mystery - My Name Is Techno (Original Mix)028-04-2009
DJ Mystery - Shake It Baby (Original Mix)028-04-2009
DJ Mystery - Swing Beats (Original Mix)028-04-2009
DJ Mystery - Cocaine Bitch (Original Mix)028-04-2009
Roman Zawodny - On Edge (Original Mix)027-04-2009
Roman Zawodny - On Edge (JB's Over The Edge Remix)027-04-2009
Rampant DJs - Alabama feat. JT (Original Mix)123-04-2009
DJ Kurt - Rock Ya Hardcore 2008 (2008 Mix)023-04-2009
Neppumuk Z - Fly Gabbers (Radio Mix)023-04-2009
Neppumuk Z - Fly Gabbers (Radio Mix Instrumental)023-04-2009
Neppumuk Z - Fly Gabbers (Club Mix)023-04-2009
Neppumuk Z - Fly Gabbers (Club Mix Instrumental Version)023-04-2009
Neppumuk Z - Techno Mission (Radio Mix)023-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 6.1 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 6.2 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 6.3 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 7.1 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 7.2 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 8.1 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 8.2 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 9.1 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 9.2 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 10.1 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
Michael Burkat - Rip Off 11.1 (Original Mix)022-04-2009
William Lee - Till The End Of Time (Original Mix)021-04-2009
Bruce, Mechanical Brothers - Swing Groove (Original Mix)021-04-2009
Hogar - New Love (Original Mix)021-04-2009
Mechanical Brothers - The Palm Of Buddha (Original Mix)021-04-2009
Audiowarp - Restless (Original Mix)021-04-2009
Audiowarp - Nightlife (Original Mix)021-04-2009
Greg Notill - Nonsense (Original Mix)020-04-2009
Lukas, Monster Mush - Hardchoice (Original Mix)020-04-2009
Lukas, Greg Notill - Complex (Original Mix)020-04-2009
DJ Emme - Algoritmo (Original Mix)020-04-2009
Brachiale Musikgestalter, BMG - Stop It's The Truck (Original Mix)020-04-2009
Brachiale Musikgestalter, BMG - Fuck Ya (Original Mix)020-04-2009
Hard & Evil - Resistance (Orginal Mix)017-04-2009
Hard & Evil - Illuminati (Orginal Mix)017-04-2009
Brachiale Musikgestalter, BMG - The Cowboy And The Sheriff (Original Mix)017-04-2009
Tuomas Rantanen - Two Syndicate (Orginal Mix)016-04-2009
Grovskopa - Jauhar (Original Mix)016-04-2009
Tuomas Rantanen - Fractured Lavas (Orginal Mix)016-04-2009
Tuomas Rantanen - Black Tower (Orginal Mix)016-04-2009
Tuomas Rantanen - Robotan Elbows (Orginal Mix)016-04-2009
Tuomas Rantanen - Tensor Imaging (Orginal Mix)016-04-2009
Nahuel Tijsi - Kill The Drum (Original Mix)016-04-2009
Nahuel Tijsi - Fang Bangers (Original Mix)016-04-2009
Nahuel Tijsi - The Beat Of Our Noisy Minds feat. Swordxl (Original Mix)016-04-2009
B.Tensor - Devil Hunter feat. Nahuel Tijsi (Original Mix)016-04-2009
Nahuel Tijsi - The Journey (Original Mix)016-04-2009
B.Tensor - Dark Forces (Original Mix)016-04-2009
Nahuel Tijsi - Das Aber Wieder (Original Mix)016-04-2009
B.Tensor - We Are Parasites (Original Mix)016-04-2009
Joton - Policy Anarchy (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Kazu Kimura - Signal Pass (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Repeet - Sds March (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Repeet - Unity In Diversity (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Spastic DJs - Tunguska Party Zone (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Spastic DJs - Bad E's (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Spastic DJs - Loopy Doo (Mixing Tool)015-04-2009
Acidizer - Dark Eyes (Original Mix)015-04-2009
Acidizer - Looser (FJ Project Remix)015-04-2009
Acidizer - Darkside (FJ Project Remix)015-04-2009
Acidizer - Darkside (Time Mix)015-04-2009
Noisecontrollers - Ctrl.alt.delete (Original Mix)014-04-2009
Noisecontrollers - Ctrl.alt.delete (Kasparov Remix)014-04-2009
Overflow - Affect (Ricky T & Antex Remix)014-04-2009
Hard Evil - Resistance (Orginal Mix)014-04-2009
Hard Evil - Illuminati (Orginal Mix)014-04-2009
Necro Dur - Breaking Rules (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Rob Stalker - Are You Crazy (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Banga Matt, Alex Calver - Get A Life (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Crypsis - Tuatara (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Crypsis - Highest Pressure (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Crypsis - Oppose The Majors (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Crypsis - Chaser (Original Mix)013-04-2009
DJ Norman - Live For Nothing (Original Mix)013-04-2009
DJ Norman - Killed (Original Mix)013-04-2009
DJ Norman - The Prostitute (Original Mix)013-04-2009
SMG, Kidd Kaos - Shranz Mezcla (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Richie Gee - The Beginning (Original Mix)013-04-2009
Bruce - Plastic (Original Mix)008-04-2009
Albert Kraner - Do You Want It (Original Mix)008-04-2009
Bruce - Hot Story (Original Mix)008-04-2009
MASA - Speedkiller (Original Mix)008-04-2009
Albert Kraner - Please Don't Be Angry (Original Mix)008-04-2009
Phantax - Phantax (Dub Mix)007-04-2009
Phun - tastik - Pizzicato Passion (Original Mix)007-04-2009
Alex Neuret - Autogrill (Mesonizme Remix)007-04-2009
Kinky Board - Phat Bass (Original Mix)007-04-2009
Alex Palude - Human Zoo (Original Mix)007-04-2009
DJ Warp - Minimarhythm (Original Mix)007-04-2009
Nico Damiani - Yoga (Radio Version)007-04-2009
Andy Digital - Selectronic (Original Mix)007-04-2009
Paradise - See The Light (Sy & Unknown Remix)007-04-2009

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