New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Tuomas Rantanen - Hollow (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Cyberstruct - We Carry the Burden of Our Existential Thoughts (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Cyberstruct - A Fork in the Road Between Two Dead Ends (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Cyberstruct - End of the World (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Cyberstruct - What Is It You're Afraid Of (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Jason Little - Uptempo Hardtechno (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Jason Little - The House (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Jason Little - When Pain Finally Kills You (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Techno Farben - Sirius (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Techno Farben - Sirius (DJ T.a.g. Remix)015-04-2016
Techno Farben - Sirius (Kristoff Georg Remix)015-04-2016
Lady DubbzJay G - Nobody Likes The Records (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Javi Tracker - 4 My Mother 2 (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Tom Chaney - Dregval (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Tom Chaney - Unusualness (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Pantograf - Puppet Master (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Pantograf - Is There Somebody There (Original Mix)015-04-2016
Joe Tester - This is a hardcore test (Original Mix (edited))015-04-2016
Asin - S.a.w. (Jason Little Remix)014-04-2016
Asin - Future Listening (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Asin - S.a.w. (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Asin - Psychology (Original Mix)014-04-2016
RikoEvo - DJs Life (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Crossfiyah - Rage (Bodsyhock Remix)014-04-2016
Crossfiyah - Rage (Bodyshock Remix Radio Edit)014-04-2016
Radio Killah - Hardcore Motherfuckers (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Radio Killah - Complicated (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Radio Killah - Hard Concentrate (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Unidivixion - Root Destruction (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Unidivixion - Good Face (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Synthax - Stay True (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Synthax - Bring It Hardcore (Original Mix)014-04-2016
TomDJ - Invisible (Progressive Mix)014-04-2016
TomDJ - Crawling (Progressive Mix)014-04-2016
DERTHXY - Oppressed (Master Master Remix)014-04-2016
DERTHXY - Oppressed (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Buchecha - Reconnection (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Greg Notill - Tungtvann2016 (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Switchblade - Kill Your Ego (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Mental Crush - Chemical Spill (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Noseda - Dead World II (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Noseda - Dead World II (Julian Viegas Remix)014-04-2016
Noseda - Dead World II (Kai Pattenberg Remix)014-04-2016
Noseda - Dead World II (Klangtronik Remix)014-04-2016
Noseda - Dead World II (Knod Ap Remix)014-04-2016
Noseda - Dead World II (Spule Remix)014-04-2016
Oxidoxs - Partial Derivate (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Oxidoxs - Partial Derivate (Tonikattitude Remix)014-04-2016
Oxidoxs - Phase IV (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Oxidoxs - Black Flags (Original Mix)014-04-2016
WeaverA.M.S. - Ra-Ta-Ta (DJ Mob Remix)014-04-2016
WeaverA.M.S. - Ra-Ta-Ta (DJ Mob Radio Edit)014-04-2016
Kirill Mator - Death of Starvation (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Kirill Mator - Jerusalem (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Kirill Mator - Lost (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Kirill Mator - The Archipelago (Original Mix)014-04-2016
Point Blanc - Glad He Ate Her (Extended Mix)013-04-2016
Black Swan - Hard Feelings (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Black Swan - Vocal Effects (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Mr. Tommy - Rabbit (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Mr. Tommy - Hare (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Mr. Tommy - Rabbit (Radio Mix)013-04-2016
Evilspot - Before Comes The Night (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Evilspot - Hellbound (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Recycle Bot - Astalavista Baby (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Recycle Bot - The Goverment Is Undercontrol (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Michael Random - Can U Be (Original Mix)013-04-2016
B Rydell - Heavy Machinery (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Psyko Punkz - Psyko Foundation (Tha Playah's Thrillogy Remix) (Extended Mix)013-04-2016
Dual Beat Prod - Iside (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Walter Contreras - Alternate (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Walter Contreras - Its Hard To Imagine (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Yaxkin - Power Up You (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Yaxkin - Funny & Strange (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Yaxkin - The Evil Mind (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Yaxkin - Fuck This Fuckin Fuck (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Black Swan - Breaking Silences (Original Mix)013-04-2016
F-Rontal - Sick (Original Mix)013-04-2016
F-Rontal - Combine (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Javi Avilés (ES) - Infected (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Javi Avilés (ES) - Several Bullets (Original Mix)013-04-2016
Hellcreator - On the Brink of Extinction (Original Mix)012-04-2016
The Weaver - Victory (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Scorpion Hoplite - Disgusting Little Synth (Original Mix)012-04-2016
X-TeknokoreHozinotik - Sound Destruction (SD3 Anthem)012-04-2016
X-Teknokore - Damage System Vip (Original Mix)012-04-2016
DJ Livie - I Got Bills (Original Mix)012-04-2016
F.Tek - Oxgate Gardens (Original Mix)012-04-2016
L.groove - Sunshine (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Jose Guerrero - Exist (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Tonny Beat - Omeprazol (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Rico Buda - Chemtrails (Berri & Wald Remix)012-04-2016
Kryptonit - Drone (Neusn Remix)012-04-2016
Teoss - Bezlad (Eliot,HP Source)012-04-2016
HyperforceAnimaIYF - Re-Arrange (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Volodia Rizak - Black Sea (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Volodia Rizak - Black Mass (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Volodia Rizak - Obsessed (Original Mix)012-04-2016
Red Flow - I Feel Fire (Pendulo Remix)012-04-2016
Red Flow - I Feel Fire (Davide Nava Remix)012-04-2016

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