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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
The Wishmaster - Party Your Ass Off (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Grega - Extractum (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Grega - Extractum (Re-Work)030-01-2015
D-Ba55e - Kill & Dance (Original Mix)030-01-2015
D-Ba55e - Cross Elements (Original Mix)030-01-2015
D-Ba55e - Alharaca (Original Mix)030-01-2015
D-Ba55e - R.T.H. (Original Mix)030-01-2015
D-Ba55e - Synth Data (Original Mix)030-01-2015
KO3 - Starlit Oasis (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Fresh Otis - Excorcism (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Richie - The Passion (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Primus V - The Assassin (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Primus V - Breakit (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Toni Muza - Kopfdreher (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Area 51 - Drop It (Original Mix)030-01-2015
P. Brock - Driven (Original Mix)030-01-2015
P. Brock - Driven (A.P.T.A Remix)030-01-2015
P. Brock - Driven (Bruchrille Remix)030-01-2015
Reeno Denshi - Driven (Reeno Denshi Remix)030-01-2015
P. Brock - Driven (Yves S Remix)030-01-2015
Dragon Hoang - From Snina In Love (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Dragon Hoang - Hardtechno vs Hardgroove (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Sintoma - Time Streecht (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Cristian Myt - Devouring (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Disco&Bass - Density (Original Mix)030-01-2015
DJ Style - Take Flight (Amir Razanica Remix)030-01-2015
Paul Begge - Stetig Nach Vorne (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Sendefehler - Photosynthesis (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Horrorbass - Deadly Space (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Klauz - Black & Blue (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Raja - Behind and Under (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Klangtronik - No Pain (Chronisch Komisch Remix)030-01-2015
Kay To - King of Lines (Ind.Fx Remix)030-01-2015
Tonikattitude - Hunter of the Night (Zoltan Katona Kato Hunter Remix)030-01-2015
Chriss J - False Ego (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Gabros - Difference (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Analog Live - 1.1 (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Eno Confusion - Rook (Original Mix)030-01-2015
SunElektrisch - Bluezone (Original Mix)030-01-2015
KriZFade - Independent Ambition (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Dj Cid - Come Off (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Manudi - The Dark Side of Mars (Matt Mus Remix)030-01-2015
Francesco Terranova - Condensate (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Living Matter - Not Leave This Place (Stevie Rose Remix)030-01-2015
Frank Ross - Club One (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Coxmox DJ - Elevation (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Andee Jay - Random Slut (Original Mix)030-01-2015
MheTa Ton - We Sit in Sun and Wait (Original Mix)030-01-2015
Kriss Overlake - The Skull and Bones and the Drugs (Original Mix)030-01-2015
The Wishmaster - Never Say Never (Original Mix)030-01-2015
A.Paul - Conform (GabeeN Remix)030-01-2015
Zeom - Together (The Gathering) (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Zeom - Your Own Destiny (Original Mix)029-01-2015
A.Paul - Mindgame (Kevin Call Remix)029-01-2015
A.Paul - Swarm (Kony Donales Remix)029-01-2015
A.Paul - Interlude (Technoyzer Remix)029-01-2015
A.Paul - Conform (GabbeN Remix)029-01-2015
A.Paul - Disturbance (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Disaster Cluster (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Legion of Noise (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Holographic Demons (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Overdrive (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Forged in Blood (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Juggernaut (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Betrayal in Sadness (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Filth Crusher (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Noizegate (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Shadows (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Holographic Demons (Ragnarok Remix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Holographic Demons (Refisted by Sliptrip)029-01-2015
Jensen - Days of Sadness (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Drop the Bomb (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Clouds in the Sky (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Shut the Fuck up (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Sky Earth Underworld (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Stronghold (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Hegelian Dialect (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Neue Welt (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Breakdown (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Beyond the Veil of Light (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jensen - Holographic Demons (Just a Pilgrim Remix)029-01-2015
Strange Arrival - A Nameless Fear (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Strange Arrival - Hadley's Hope (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Project4life - The Moment to Wake Up (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Project4life - Dark Secret (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Project4life - Fuckin' Wacko (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Project4life - Keep It Real (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Carnage - Squeezing Pigs (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Carnage - Slingshot (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Carnage - Invictus (Original Mix)029-01-2015
RagnaRok - Sunken (Ragnarok's Dreamcore Version)029-01-2015
RagnaRok - Sunken (Starving Insect's Whalecore Version)029-01-2015
Chris Chambers - The Fury of Tango (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Chris Chambers - Revenge of the Tango (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Rostislav Melangeur - Wild Dog to Bill (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Rostislav Melangeur - Setting Is Hail (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Rostislav Melangeur - Yakut (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Rostislav Melangeur - Minimal Inwardly (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Rostislav Melangeur - With Upside Down (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Rostislav Melangeur - Wild Bitch (Original Mix)029-01-2015

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