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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Eafhm Contribution Remix)019-09-2017
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Fab Lawren Remix)019-09-2017
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Las Vegas Parano Hypnotic Earthquake Remix)019-09-2017
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Rosemarys Baby Remix)019-09-2017
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Sebconic Remix)019-09-2017
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Zekiel Remix)019-09-2017
Ivan Gafer - 8.8 (Julian Oliver Remix)019-09-2017
Tugie - Ill Skills (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Tugie - Raise The Fuck Up (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Tugie - Who's Afraid Of The Dark (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Gabbanatic - Brood (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Richimed - Szss00 (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Richimed - Tmm788 (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Richimed - Urban Riot (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Richimed - S-Sun (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Richimed - Application Sickness (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Richimed - Distorted Mind (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Soul Hacker - Machine Tech (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Soul Hacker - Tiamat (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Dragon Hoang - Future Girls (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Dragon Hoang - Hihat of Techno (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Roderside - Wild Escape (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Roderside - Yautja (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Stinger - Getting Schwifty (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Stinger - Getting Schwifty (Free-K Remix)019-09-2017
Stinger - Show Me What You Got (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Stinger - Show Me What You Got (Relapse Remix)019-09-2017
Stinger - Show Me What You Got (Kader Remix)019-09-2017
Withecker - Titans of Tomorrow (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Withecker - Inside the Wave (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Withecker - Requiem of Fallen Angels (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Withecker - Monster You Made (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Hannes Matthiessen - Pitch Black (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Bailey Royse - Arcane (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Austin Price - Steel (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Tinoko - Control (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Sazera - Esoteric Warfare (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Kamil Van Derson - Madagascar (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Eugen Kunz - Anomalie (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Eugen Kunz - Anomalie (Chris Masc Remix)019-09-2017
Eugen Kunz - Anomalie (Kai Pattenberg Remix)019-09-2017
Eugen Kunz - Anomalie (Marvin Erbe Remix)019-09-2017
Eugen Kunz - Anomalie (Tim Wittig Remix)019-09-2017
Danny Stompe - Angkor (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Der Reinhalter - Denpasar (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Gee - Curse of the Dragon (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Terra4beat - Habibi (Original Mix)019-09-2017
The Outside Agency - Pass the Buck (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Israel Toledo - Die Sau (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Israel Toledo - Pandemia (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Israel Toledo - Cocodrile (Original Mix)019-09-2017
KreiselOscar Hop - Phobia (Original Mix)019-09-2017
KreiselOscar Hop - Zync (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Kreisel - Skyhooks (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Pulse PlantPorno Poltergeist - Opiate of The Masses (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Chilenomedio - Plastic Baby (ROTS Remix)019-09-2017
Sub Sonik - Go Fuck Yourself (Tha Playah Remix Extended)019-09-2017
Sub Sonik - GO! (Destructive Tendencies Remix Extended)019-09-2017
G3hirnfolt3r - Upside Down (Original Mix)019-09-2017
G3hirnfolt3r - Supreme (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Spencer Reed - Destruct (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Spencer Reed - Spawn (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Mark Cowax - Offenbarung (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Mark Cowax - Blinklicht (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Mark Cowax - Bettfolter (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Mark Cowax - Fix-Besteck (Original Mix)019-09-2017
2bee - Marcher (Original Mix)019-09-2017
2bee - Marcher (Manuel Orf aka Viper XXL Remix)019-09-2017
2bee - Marcher (M.I.D.I. Remix)019-09-2017
2bee - Marcher (EINHORN (DE) Remix)019-09-2017
2bee - Marcher (Mik Izif Remix)019-09-2017
Batteriebetrieb - SaxDB (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Steps (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Jason Grey - Werewolf (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Your Mind (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Alex Turner - Recharge (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Infectious! - I Need Your Lovin' ('95 Happy Hardcore Easy Version)018-09-2017
Infectious! - I Need Your Lovin' (Pump Mix)018-09-2017
Infectious! - Infectious Love (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Orphan - RPHN 03 (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Orphan - RPHN 03 (Cristian Myt Remix)018-09-2017
Vontech - Hanker (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Vontech - Control Night (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Mark Cowax - Shock ' n Ball (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Mark Cowax - Shock ' n Ball (Tito K. Remix)018-09-2017
Marcel Schramm - Spacemonkey (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Marcel Schramm - Stop Talking (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Morticia WalkerCarterWalker - Dazed (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Guillermo DR - Breaking (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Guillermo DR - Disco Ball (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Guillermo DR - Fresh Count (Original Mix)018-09-2017
VAEN - Animus (Original Mix)018-09-2017
VAEN - Animus (Alex Baxter Remix)018-09-2017
VAEN - Monolith (Original Mix)018-09-2017
VAEN - Monolith (Freheit Remix)018-09-2017
Buben - Pint (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Buben - Middle Name (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Tito K. - Fucking Stupid (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Tito K. - Futureshock (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Miss Adk - Concepto Underground (Original Mix)018-09-2017

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