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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
RRKS - Y Ask Y (Original Mix)014-11-2017
RRKS - With A Vengeance (Original Mix)014-11-2017
RRKS - Functioning (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Tea Vuckovic - Lightless Lady (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Tea Vuckovic - Lightless Lady (Itus Remix)014-11-2017
Tea Vuckovic - Lightless Lady (Darmec Remix)014-11-2017
Markus Turm - Entrance To Hell (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Markus Turm - Tartaro (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Tonny Beat - Xtreme Room (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Tonny Beat - Xtreme Room (Eric Sand Remix)014-11-2017
Tonny Beat - Xtreme Room (Adrian Sanchez Remix)014-11-2017
George Makrakis - Keep Your Head Up (Original Mix)014-11-2017
George Makrakis - Walking on Fire (Original Mix)014-11-2017
George Makrakis - Sanctuary (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Craig HughesStoobi - Rubber (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Craig HughesStoobi - Rubber (Tea Vuckovic Remix)014-11-2017
Craig HughesStoobi - Therapy (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Craig HughesStoobi - Therapy (Steel Grooves Remix)014-11-2017
Craig HughesStoobi - Therapy (Steel Grooves Redub)014-11-2017
Van Dexter - Get Out (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Van Dexter - Get Out (Master Master Remix)014-11-2017
Van Dexter - Get Out (Da Mad Mixologist Remix)014-11-2017
Teint - Crash n Burn (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Teint - Blaze (Original Mix)014-11-2017
EINHORN (DE) - Mamacusa (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Tito K. - Criminal Crew (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Nielos - Lessons (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Dark Matters - So To Hate (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Lysergide - Fuck The Champion (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Tombstone - Fuck You (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hydroxide - The Fuck (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Nielos - Bomboclat (Original Mix)013-11-2017
MRLK - Underground Chronicles (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hell Driver - God of Destruction (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hell Driver - Beerus (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Sopik - Parallel World (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Sopik - Parallel World (Redub)013-11-2017
wegMeth - Assertiveness (Original Mix)013-11-2017
wegMeth - Oscillate (Original Mix)013-11-2017
wegMeth - Stray (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Tito K. - U Turn (X6Cta Remix)013-11-2017
Arkitek - Black Vulcano (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Arkitek - Red Attacks (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Arkitek - Crystal Blue (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Arkitek - Red Attacks (Vincent Hiest & Digital Session Remix)013-11-2017
Tropar Flot - Black Smallpox (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hurukan - Blue Land (Markus Ferdinand & Bruno Gentile Remix)013-11-2017
Mr. Gemini - Dizer (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Mr. Gemini - Dody (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Mr. Gemini - Drop (Original Mix)013-11-2017
GrozdanoffBrainfist - Konoshtip (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hannes Matthiessen - Krachgarten (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hannes Matthiessen - The Bassdrum (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Nizzy - Radar Pitch (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Nizzy - Flexing (Original Mix)013-11-2017
ABYSSVM - VII-IV (Original Mix)013-11-2017
ABYSSVM - Inside the Machine (Original Mix)013-11-2017
ABYSSVM - Fusion (Original Mix)013-11-2017
ABYSSVM - Back to Asia (Original Mix)013-11-2017
ABYSSVM - Mathematica (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Tonikattitude - Dream Alone (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Tonikattitude - Space Deam (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Abandoned City (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Cistion Z (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Darka Darpa (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Darth Vader (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Deeper (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Digital (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Eahhh (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Energy Storm (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Humanoid (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Incomer (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Klaster (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Krynoptik (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Machine Kick (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Marginal (Original Mix)013-11-2017
BNGI - Message (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Claudio Polizzotto - Reset (Veive Remix)013-11-2017
Tech C - Silent Two (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Marika Rossa - In This Chaos (Angy Kore Remix)013-11-2017
Ig Noise - Lidocaine (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Drogao - Antocianinas (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Resign (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Quit (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Unproven - Are You Evil (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Rihage - Destroy (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Brainteaser - Sleutels (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Rihage - Deadman (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Sneith - Steal (Original Mix)013-11-2017
NielosRihage - Freak Accident (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Mr Forte - Fugitive (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Skirratix - Frenchcore Fighter (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Scavenger - Never Say Die (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Execrate - Rohypanol (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hell Driver - Hostile Arrival (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Hell Driver - Hostile Arrival (Alen Millivojevic And Drzneday Remix)013-11-2017
Hell Driver - Hostile Arrival (Mark EG Remix)013-11-2017
Dany T - Rotten System (Original mix)013-11-2017
Dany T - Rotten System (Dean Gustavsson remix)013-11-2017
exploSpirit - Cyber Crash (Original Mix)013-11-2017

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