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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Marcel Locust - Ridden by Fears (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Metronome - Martians (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Nizzy - The Vital Spark (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Sandro Galli - Mental Killer (Amir Razanica Remix)025-12-2014
Sandro Galli - Standard Times (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Sopik - Panic (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Disastar - Storfaktor (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Solarius (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Voodoopriester - Plumpsklo (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Dope Hex - Dance on Jupiter (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Affective Disorder - Diabolic (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Affective Disorder - What U See (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Affective Disorder - Blow Ya Abs (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Affective Disorder - Live Life (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Weichentechnikk - Just 4 Fun (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Stormtrooper - Cleansing the Sphere (Reconstruction By Thomas Nordmann)025-12-2014
Broken Rules - Long Story Short (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Thomas Nordmann - Bracchium (Thomas Nordmann Rework)025-12-2014
Bosphore - Stone (Bosphore Remix)025-12-2014
Terra4beat - Stone (Original Mix)025-12-2014
AnGy KoRe - Kidding Around (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Diarmaid O Meara - Kidding Around (Diarmaid O Meara Remix)025-12-2014
AnGy KoRe - Kidding Around (Hardom Remix)025-12-2014
Javi Tracker - See No More (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Dj Siño - Deskontrol (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Javi Tracker - Excelsior (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Uri Track - Tears Of The Sun (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Dj Oni - Hammerhead (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Adn - Genof Def (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Javi Tracker - Is Burning (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Dj Siño - Revolution (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Dj Gone - Dream Machine (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Darpa - Abfahrt (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Andreas Kraemer - Abfahrt (Andreas Kraemer Reprint)025-12-2014
Darpa - Abfahrt (Andy White Remix)025-12-2014
Jan Fleck - Abfahrt (Jan Fleck Remix)025-12-2014
Vague Entity - Schizoaffective Disorder (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Vague Entity - To Death's Grim Abode (Original Mix)025-12-2014
Vague Entity - To the Far Reaches of the Pit (Original Mix)025-12-2014
ArcticSky - Mayday (Original Mix)024-12-2014
ArcticSky - Mistress Of Snow (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Cynops - Citrus Stronge (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Cynops - Object to Tunnel (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Cynops - Trip Hold On (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Joseph Dalik - Burning Up (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Joseph Dalik - Burning Up (Mono Voice Remix)024-12-2014
Matthew Bomb - Burning Up (Matthew Bomb Remix)024-12-2014
System Overload - Gang Plans (Original Mix)024-12-2014
System Overload - Pedal To The Metal (Monsieur Le Bass Remix)024-12-2014
System Overload - Wake Up (Wars Industry Remix)024-12-2014
System Overload - Wake Up (Hellzkicks Remix)024-12-2014
s'Aphira - Never Gave A F*ck (Original Mix)024-12-2014
System Overload - This Is What We Do! (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Where Is The Alcohol (Vladimir Dubyshkin Remix)024-12-2014
Stephan - Where Is The Alcohol (Stephan Remix)024-12-2014
Spark - Where Is The Alcohol (Spark Remix)024-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Where Is The Alcohol (Marcel Locust Remix)024-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Where Is The Alcohol (Lacerta Remix)024-12-2014
Toni Muza - Dark Side (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Pete Van Payne - Technosexuell (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Pete Van Payne - Plan Z (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Pete Van Payne - Frack It (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Fresh Otis - A Hoe Called Bättie (Original Mix)024-12-2014
X Zone - Gangster (X Zone Remix)024-12-2014
Julius Pescador - Gangster (Julius Pescador Remix)024-12-2014
Mark Breeze - Bang 2 Me Nasty (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Petruccio - Skank In The House (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Gammer - We Are The Vampires (Modulate Remix)024-12-2014
Mark Breeze - Rock The Club (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Modulate - What You Got (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Petruccio - Is There Time (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Modulate - Louder Ft Marie Louise (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Mark Breeze - Wait Up! (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Reynolds - Forget It (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Marie Louise - Body Scream (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Mark Breeze - Don't Hold Back (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Petruccio - I Need You Ft Marie Louise (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Petruccio - Insomniac Ft Mc Static (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Modulate - 3 Ft Jay Jacob (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Tyl3R - Break Out (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Mark Slammer - Destiny (Nakura Remix)024-12-2014
Mark Breeze - Love Sick Crazy (Petruccio & Modulate Remix)024-12-2014
Static - Fight (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Andy Wilson - Back To You (Original Mix)024-12-2014
ArcticSky - The Key (Original Mix)024-12-2014
Kami - Dr. Satan (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Projekt2p - Flight Of Fancy (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Adrian Richter - Under Eighteen (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Neptunium - Another Universe (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Eleven's11 - Interstellar (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Flash-X - Only Together (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Primal Beat - The Sleeping Room (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Fap Anthem, A Prelude to The 2nd Cumming (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - We Were Raised! (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - We Were Raised! (Equinox Remix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - A Twilight of Pain (Utter Darkness Remix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Fall From Divinity (Just In Time For 'Mass' Remix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Immortal Ascension of The Solitary Seagull (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Flying Away (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Ode to Europe (Original Mix)023-12-2014

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