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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Jason Little - Insurance Guy (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Just Me 3 (Original Mix)003-06-2016
DigitalboyBdn - Wash Machine (Original Mix)003-06-2016
DigitalboyBdn - Industrial Machine (Original Mix)003-06-2016
DigitalboyBdn - Oxido (Original Mix)003-06-2016
DigitalboyBdn - Kichen (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Angelo Raguso - I Love Techno (Astra Teck Remix)003-06-2016
Demia E Clash - Songat (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Darmec - Neocortex (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Darmec - Defiance (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Introduce (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Emotional Days (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Little Story of Jason (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Little Story of Jason (Longer Story Edit)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Deadline (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Bullet (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Give Her Back (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Jason Little - Normal Day (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Darmec - Scalar Fields (Original Mix)003-06-2016
Simon Foran - CyberSex (Original Mix)003-06-2016
TomDJ - Carillon (Progressive Mix)002-06-2016
TomDJ - Waves (Progressive Mix)002-06-2016
Tonikattitude - Los Hermanos (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Joanna Coelho - We Are Truly One (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Hernan Pallero - J Is Dead (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Oruam ZiorAgustin Cocco - Dream Moments (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Joanna Coelho - Pump The Nation (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Alex Brend - Knocking (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Alex Brend - Eastern Rite (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Alex Brend - Endless Repetition (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Alex Brend - Transit via Dubai (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Oruam ZiorAgustin Cocco - Connect (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Chris Almeira - Endless (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Alex Brend - Adrenalin (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Tom Gotti - Incurable Addict (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Tom Gotti - Global Disaster (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Chris Almeira - I Love Double T (Original Mix)002-06-2016
AdiTom Gotti - Nothing Correctly Everything False (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Tom Gotti - A Sleepless Night (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Formek - Time Dominion (Original Mix)002-06-2016
Formek - To Preserve The Past (Original Mix)002-06-2016
GavGStyle - RockDaParty (UK Hardcore Mix)002-06-2016
Formek - Mad As Hell (Original Mix)002-06-2016
VAEN - Elixir (Original Mix)001-06-2016
VAEN - Chase (Original Mix)001-06-2016
VAEN - Inside My Mind (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Cat KnightSc@r - Let It Take Control (Haze Remix)001-06-2016
Bear Witness - Juncture (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Im Colapsed - Blood & Money (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Void Stalker - Hunted (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Void Stalker - Easy Prey (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Sopik - German Drug (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Sopik - The Attack Is Psychological (Original Mix)001-06-2016
The GBR Project - Delusional (Andy James Remix)001-06-2016
The GBR Project - Scrape (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Morison - BreakDown (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Morison - Deadbeat (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Morison - Devious (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Morison - Breakdown (Ader Remix)001-06-2016
Morison - BreakDown (Gabros Remix)001-06-2016
Morison - BreakDown (Joseph Dalik Remix)001-06-2016
Morison - BreakDown (R. Cooper Remix)001-06-2016
Morison - BreakDown (Rework 2016)001-06-2016
Morison - BreakDown (Sopik, Screamer Remix)001-06-2016
Darmec - Strife (Original Mix)001-06-2016
Darmec - Strife (Matt Mus Remix)001-06-2016
Darmec - Strife (ReneHell Remix)001-06-2016
Darmec - Strife (Muska Remix)001-06-2016
Darmec - Strife (Hardom Remix)001-06-2016
Trebor - Endurance (Original Mix)001-06-2016
DULEP - Something for Your Flatbeat (Original Mix)031-05-2016
DULEP - Watch Me (Original Mix)031-05-2016
DULEP - Drumzz (Original Mix)031-05-2016
DULEP - Western Union (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Larry Lan - The Better Scene (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Layla Mystic - Blue Dreams (180 Bpms Vocal Mix)031-05-2016
Flash-X - Test One (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Flash-X - Test One (Old Riders Remix)031-05-2016
Flash-X - Test Two (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Simon Foran - Cyber Sex (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Simon Foran - Craic of Detroit (Original Mix)031-05-2016
DrsMadnezz - Hardcore Geweld (Original Mix)031-05-2016
MadnezzMouth of Madness - Mad Violence (Original Mix)031-05-2016
MadnezzAggressive - Trippin Hardcore (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Madnezz - Mad Stories (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Burn The Floor (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Route 143 (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Cloudy Heaven (JORDI K-STANYA Remix)031-05-2016
M-Project - After World (JAKAZiD Remix)031-05-2016
M-ProjectDJ Depath - Let's Rock (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Digital Illusion (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-ProjectDJ Depath - Pulse Vision (Ruboy Remix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Route 143 (Darwin Remix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Reloaded World (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-ProjectTanUKI - Frozen Storm (Original Mix)031-05-2016
M-Project - The Future Is Now (DJ-X LAB4 Remix)031-05-2016
M-Project - Distorted Mind (Hell System Remix)031-05-2016
Hallien - Control Mode 002 (Original Mix)031-05-2016
Hallien - Control Mode 001 (Dubskull Remix)031-05-2016
Terra4beatKeif - Deeper Festival (Acki Remix)031-05-2016

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