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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Jean Dawnbringer - A Twilight of Pain (Utter Darkness Remix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Fall From Divinity (Just In Time For 'Mass' Remix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Immortal Ascension of The Solitary Seagull (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Flying Away (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Ode to Europe (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - You Are to Me (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Fap Anthem II - Still Fappin' (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Fap Anthem (Remix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Frozen Tears (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Colonizing The Future (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Only Way! (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - If (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Along Came You (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - To Live (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Along Came A Prophet (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Nothing Can Hold Us Back (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - The Dawn (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Jean Dawnbringer - Nevermore (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Terra4beat - N K N6 (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Terra4beat - N K N26 (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Drake Dehlen - I Don't Know (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Drake Dehlen - Building (Original Mix)023-12-2014
10JONK-T - KaliFucknication (Original Mix)023-12-2014
10JONK-T - Rio Preto (Original Mix)023-12-2014
10JONK-T - Kartagena (Original Mix)023-12-2014
10JONK-T - BogotHard (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Roughkillz - Solar System (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Marcello Perri - Radioactive (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Marcello Perri - Radioactive (Smoke & Dub remix)023-12-2014
Marcello Perri - Radioactive (DJ Ogi Remix)023-12-2014
Agus BP - Ti Amo (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Agus BP - Melancolic (Original Mix)023-12-2014
SRB - Pain Til I Die SRB Muppet Mashup (SRB Remix)023-12-2014
SRB - Bells of Death (Original Mix)023-12-2014
SRB - Down For What (Original Mix)023-12-2014
SRB - Maniac Psycho (Original Mix)023-12-2014
SRB - Stop The Terror (Original Mix)023-12-2014
SRB - Eat Sleep Terror Repeat (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Enrico Fuerte - Nasty Slide (Matthew Bomb Remix)022-12-2014
Zefko - Sideliner (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Zefko - Predator (Original Mix)022-12-2014
DJ Y.O.Z. - Blows Me Away (DJ Y.O.Z. Remix)022-12-2014
Gali - Blows Me Away (Gali & Alvaro GM Remix)022-12-2014
Tek-Nology - Blows Me Away (Tek-nology Remix)022-12-2014
HandzUpperz - Blows Me Away (HandzUpperz Remix)022-12-2014
Dj Blanco - Blows Me Away (Dj Blanco Remix)022-12-2014
UAKADI - Viberon (Original Mix)022-12-2014
David Hilbert - Tinnitus (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Kursez - No Mercy (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Damon Hard - The Walking Dead (Original Mix)022-12-2014
The Beast Project - Resurrection (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Francesco Dreamer - Omega (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Doull - Never Knew (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Luix Spectrum - Luxury (Diatek Remix)022-12-2014
Grozdanoff - Overdose (Diatek Remix)022-12-2014
Luix Spectrum - Jericho (Luix Spectrum Remix)022-12-2014
Luix Spectrum - Tribulation (Luix Spectrum Remix)022-12-2014
Luix Spectrum - Drowning (Luix Spectrum Remix)022-12-2014
Luix Spectrum - CNTRL (Luix Spectrum Remix)022-12-2014
Gleis 5 - Destroyed Systems (Gleis 5 Remix)022-12-2014
Kevin Wesp - Destroyed Systems (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Strobetech - Pump (Strobetech Remix)022-12-2014
Dual Fuel - Tritannus (Original Mix)022-12-2014
DJ Ogi - Tritannus (DJ Ogi remix)022-12-2014
Dope Hex - Tritannus (Dope Hex Remix)022-12-2014
Andreas Florin - Tritannus (Andreas Florin Remix)022-12-2014
Dual Fuel - Hard Earthquake (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Kaizer The DJ - Operator (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Greg Dee - Tex Dow (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Kony Donales - Old School Rules (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Kony Donales - Plaum (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Kony Donales - Zbeul (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Tobias Lueke - Dimension X (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Electrorites - Dimension X (Electrorites Remix)022-12-2014
AnGy KoRe - Dimension x (AnGy KoRe Remix)022-12-2014
Marika Rossa - Dimension (Marika Rossa Remix)022-12-2014
Tobias Lueke - What Is Reality (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Peat Noise - What Is Reality (Peat Noise Remix)022-12-2014
R. Cooper - What Is Reality (R. Cooper Fictional Remix)022-12-2014
Josh Juettner - Risk (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Josh Juettner - Zone (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Klangfehler - The Church (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Klangfehler - The Devil Beside Me (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Alex Wolf - Scylla (Alex Wolf Remix)022-12-2014
Francois Manzo - Scylla (Claas Herrmann Remix)022-12-2014
AnGy KoRe - Dirty People (AnGy KoRe Bass In Your Face Remix)022-12-2014
Darpa - Dirty People (Darpa Remix)022-12-2014
Enrico Fuerte - Nasty Slide (Original Mix)022-12-2014
M-11 - Pure of Buy (Original Mix)021-12-2014
M-11 - Leady Hellfire (Original Mix)021-12-2014
M-11 - Ragga Lick (Original Mix)021-12-2014
M-11 - Let the Bass Kick (Original Mix)021-12-2014
The Coredinator - Eternal (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Final Judgement - Not Afraid Of Pain (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Raveriderz - Departure (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Raveriderz - Memories Complete (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Genome - Bad Temptation (Original Mix)020-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Hannibal (Original Mix)020-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Hannibal (Sopik & Bailey Royse Remix)020-12-2014
Tonikattitude - Manimal Behind The Window (Original Mix)020-12-2014

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