New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
I1 Ambivalent - Redeemer (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Atze Ton - W13 (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Dual Fuel - 41bis (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Volodia Rizak - Repeat (Original Mix)001-11-2016
DJ Ogi - Go to Ra (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Eric Daviz - Temporary Hangover (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Eric Daviz - Unreal Reality (Original Mix)001-11-2016
DJ ForceThe Evolution - High On Life (Remastered)001-11-2016
DonicMonotekz - You (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Bjorn Zimmermann - Basstrommelfeuerwerker (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Bjorn Zimmermann - Basstrommelfeuerwerker (Nicolas Bacher Remix)001-11-2016
Goncalo M - No Puedo (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Goncalo M - No Puedo (Vocal Mix)001-11-2016
Terra4beatGladyshev - Factory (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Mark Cowax - Elektro Afro (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Kirill Mator - GT8 (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Dan Morgan Kurt - Nihilum (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Sumerian - Wooden Giraffe (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Chronisch Komisch - Disorder (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Mark Cowax - Elektro Twister (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Kirill Mator - Cohort of The Praetorian (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Extazzzers - Rockmania A (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Dan-Tek - Orbit (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Andrew Townsend - 81 (Original Mix)001-11-2016
DJ Style - Trick or Treat (Stevie Rose Remix)001-11-2016
DJ Style - Trick or Treat (Juan Trujillo Remix)001-11-2016
DJ Style - Trick or Treat (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Mark Cowax - Slide Life (Original Mix)001-11-2016
DJ Style - Trick or Treat (Echobeat Remix)001-11-2016
DJ Style - Trick or Treat (DarK SkYLiNe Remix)001-11-2016
Blanik - Ambush (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Andre Lesu - Reverse Gorillaz (Phutek Remix)001-11-2016
Rivet Spinners - Plastik (Andre Lesu Remix)001-11-2016
Dualitik - Brain Controller (Original Mix)001-11-2016
Giuseppe Di Ceglie - Karma (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Filippo Zupardi - Devil's Contradiction (Original Mix)031-10-2016
InToXx - Black Bar (Filippo Zupardi Remix)031-10-2016
Batteriebetrieb - The Game (Filippo Zupardi Remix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Supersoft (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Alex Cartella - The Secret (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Tara's Nightmare (Original Mix)031-10-2016
AudioDistraction - Basement Addiction (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Pass Out (Original Mix)031-10-2016
80 Doppel D - 28H (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Audiocoma - Creepers & Crawlers (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Systematic (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Atie Horvat - Racazza (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Alex Turner - Regeneration (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Ragnarok (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Pump & Jump (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Serial Killer (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Square Line Damage (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Alex Turner - Kinetik (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Sucking Wifi (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Atze Ton - Turkey Moon (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Ader - Alive (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Dodo (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Dragonhunter (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Nico Kohler - Influx (Emir Hazir Remix)031-10-2016
Twisted Loops - Shake It (Original Mix)031-10-2016
DelanoTeoss - Brain Damage (Echobeat Remix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Morphine (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Molly (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Klondike (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Missing Silver & Fuck You (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Frozen (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Cru-L-T - Snow In Summer (Remastered)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - All About Everything (Original Mix)031-10-2016
DelanoTeoss - Brain Damage (Leme & Mizz Remix)031-10-2016
DelanoTeoss - Brain Damage (Acki Remix)031-10-2016
Cru-L-T - Future Visions (Remastered)031-10-2016
Kai Pattenberg - Ghost Modus (Bosphore Remix)031-10-2016
Nico Kohler - Rippler (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Nico Kohler - Rippler (Fresh Otis Remix)031-10-2016
Nico Kohler - Influx (Original Mix)031-10-2016
CabeGarett White - Conga The Tribal (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Frack It (Mark Ganesh 2015 Remix)031-10-2016
D & D - Morgana (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - LSD Pacifier (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Kapster (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Gumball (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Fuck The Bitch Named Karma (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - End of The End (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Filippo Zupardi - Leap In The Dark (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Active Denial (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Filippo Zupardi - Toward The Light (Original Mix)031-10-2016
DelanoTeoss - Brain Damage (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Cru-L-T - Sky High (Remastered)031-10-2016
Kai Pattenberg - Ghost Modus (Patrick Esrever Remix)031-10-2016
Kai Pattenberg - Ghost Modus (Jared Pastore Remix)031-10-2016
Kai Pattenberg - Ghost Modus (Polytox Remix)031-10-2016
Kai Pattenberg - Ghost Modus (Mr. Peppers Mix)031-10-2016
Kai Pattenberg - Ghost Modus (Ant Brooks Remix)031-10-2016
Pete Van Payne - Ebola (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Valerio Panizio - Sentence (Rarabb Remix)031-10-2016
LNO - Dark War (ROBUST Techno Remix)031-10-2016
Sandro Galli - Colisevm (Original Mix)031-10-2016
LNO - Dark War (Timao Remix)031-10-2016
Diego Simeone - Amore (Original Mix)031-10-2016
Cabe - So Sexy (Original Mix)031-10-2016

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