New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Oruam Zior - Spectros (Original Mix)020-06-2016
Oruam Zior - Vigilia (Original Mix)020-06-2016
Oruam Zior - Fiction (Original Mix)020-06-2016
2bee - Rampage (Original Mix)020-06-2016
Atze Ton - Retual (Original Mix)019-06-2016
Atze Ton - Tube (Original Mix)019-06-2016
Atze Ton - Vulcane (Original Mix)019-06-2016
RikoGenic - Execute (Original Mix)019-06-2016
Mr. Peppers - Fuck the System (Original Mix)019-06-2016
Mr. Peppers - Fuck the System (Dennis Slim Remix)019-06-2016
Mr. Peppers - Fuck the System (Dennis Wehling Remix)019-06-2016
Derkreisler - Fehler (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Derkreisler - Gescheitert (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Lotus 8 - Mental Package (Paintrain Remix)018-06-2016
Jebroer - Me Gabber (DJ Paul Elstak & The BeatKrusher Remix)018-06-2016
Nigel Hard - Kill Me with the Bassline (DJ Arix Remix)018-06-2016
EuphorityHMV - Our Nation (Original Mix)018-06-2016
MC TriggerEuphority - My War (Original Mix)018-06-2016
EuphorityLady Lavina - Heavy Damage (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Exomni - Darkness (Euphority Remix)018-06-2016
Bartoch - Im The Danger (Euphority Remix)018-06-2016
Master Master - Rat Area (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Master Master - Rat Area (Zoltan Katona (Kato) Remix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectXavi BCN - The One (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Metal One - Melody Of Passion II (DJ Depath & M-Project Remix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectDJ Depath - Overpowering Enemies (Original Mix)018-06-2016
M-Project - Blue Lotus (DJ Ronny Remix)018-06-2016
M-Project - Route 143 (Tanuki Remix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectDJ Chucky - Acid Nightmare (Original Mix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectDaniel SevenZoe VanWest - Rainbow Lights (Original Mix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectDJ Depath - The Future Is Now (3R2 Remix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectDJ Depath - Rise From The Ashes (Original Mix)018-06-2016
M-ProjectDJ Depath - Return To Zero (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Derkreisler - Das Spiel 666 (Original Mix)018-06-2016
Marc Systematic - Invasion (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Jason LittleWithecker - Call It Hell (O.B.I. Remix)017-06-2016
Dominik Stuppy - Human Rights (Swes Remix)017-06-2016
SveTec - Hide 'n' Seek (Instigator Remix)017-06-2016
Alko - Zonez (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Orman Bitch - Green Blood (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Jose Baher - Brutal (Original Black Mix)017-06-2016
Pol-Anko - Nightmare Foxy (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Alex B - You Got Probs (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Insane - Ragga Jumperz (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Mox - Feel It (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Mario Ranieri - Do You Love Me Too? (A.Paul Bangin' Remix)017-06-2016
New Waffen - Johnny Ipod (Original Mix)017-06-2016
New Waffen - Johnny's Angelz (Original Mix)017-06-2016
New Waffen - Johnny Ipod (Ruud S Remix)017-06-2016
New Waffen - Johnny's Angelz (Assuc Remix)017-06-2016
The Faces Of Evil - This Are The Faces Of Evil (Original Mix)017-06-2016
The Faces Of Evil - The Melody Of Music (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Marc Systematic - Hypnotized (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Javi Tracker - Move Your Body (Original Mix)017-06-2016
JekyllInstigate - Should I Know (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Destroy - Evil Laugh (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Destroy - Trophy (Original Mix)017-06-2016
AudioGamer - Technologic (Original Mix)017-06-2016
AudioGamer - Bio (Original Mix)017-06-2016
AudioGamer - Mission (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Unknown - Tatiana Techno (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Braincrushers - Dirty Low (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Braincrushers - Quick Fuck (Original Mix)017-06-2016
How HardThe IlluminatiMarina Borodina - Reality (Embrionyc Remix)017-06-2016
Braincrushers - You! (Original Mix)017-06-2016
BraincrushersHow HardE-Rayzor - Worldwide Movement (Original Mix)017-06-2016
How HardHard-Tex - Trapped in Despair (Original Mix)017-06-2016
CapHow Hard - Pain (Luxxer Remix)017-06-2016
ShadowcoreHow Hard - Final Destination (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Deotys - The Destroyer of Worlds (How Hard Remix)017-06-2016
How Hard - (Not So) Live on Hardcodelia Colombia (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Orman Bitch - Hits from the Bong (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Orman Bitch - Suffering (Original Mix)017-06-2016
WitheckerBrothers in Arms a.k.a. Jason Little - What the Hell Is Going On (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Greg Notill - W Pauli (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Instigator - Save a Fly (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Wortex - Sacrifice to Freya (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Qle - Horror Story 4 (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Pablo Santos - Legolas (Nanter Remix)017-06-2016
Ambassador21 - We Are Legion (Original Mix)017-06-2016
Ambassador21 - We Are Legion (Negative a Remix)017-06-2016
Ambassador21 - We Are Legion (Matt Green Remix)017-06-2016
Ambassador21 - We Are Legion (Detest Remix)017-06-2016
Vocksel - Fat Beat (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Vocksel - Kopfschraube (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Vocksel - Stampfgewalt (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Vocksel - Visitors Incoming (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Mr. Rog - All Is Change (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Mr. Rog - Bicho Party (Original Mix)016-06-2016
DJ Scale Ripper - Lagertha (Original Mix)016-06-2016
DJ Scale Ripper - Lagertha (GabeeN Remix)016-06-2016
End 519 - Arpeggio (Original Mix)016-06-2016
End 519 - A&S Paranoid (Original Mix)016-06-2016
End 519 - Swamp (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Bit Phi - Depth (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Bit Phi - Ruvio (Original Mix)016-06-2016
Viktor Gerk - You and I and We With You (SMS Mix)016-06-2016
Letunlame - Cave (Original Mix)016-06-2016
DJ Formick - Another Way (Original Mix)016-06-2016
DJ Formick - 12001 (Original Mix)016-06-2016

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