New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
F*ck & F*tzig - Pussy Juice (Original Mix)027-02-2017
F*ck & F*tzig - Fuckin Hard (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Kader - Whirlwind (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Kader - When I'm Gone (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Kader - Existence (Original Mix)027-02-2017
KaderThe Slender Man - Sadistic Functions (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Omar Serarcangeli - Molecular Interactions (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Koelenz - Freddy (Mike Maass Remix)027-02-2017
Cave Djz - Bam Bam (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Puncher - Don't Stop (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Sergey Estek - Funnel (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Mark Cowax - Frequenzum Siller Platte (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Chrys Dan - Ritmos (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Pyramidal Decode - Physical Damage (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Andre Rauer - Sequence (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Narkan - Spinning Head (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Irregular Synth - Panic (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Pyramidal Decode - Mental Damage (Valak remix)027-02-2017
Pyramidal Decode - Mental Damage (Original Mix)027-02-2017
EINHORN (DE) - I Came Here To Dance (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Metadon Junkies - Slow Killer (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Metadon Junkies - Storm (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Pyramidal Decode - Cramps (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Steve Alterio - Dark Brain (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Ronny Vergara - Extrapolation (Dolby D, Matt Mus Remix)027-02-2017
Steve Alterio - Worm In The Head (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Sandro M. - Un Mundo Peligroso (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Irregular Synth - Special Instruction (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Mark Cowax - Big Surprise (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Ronny Vergara - Abstraction (A.Paul Remix)027-02-2017
Juhan Kleingold - Hail (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Ronny Vergara - UFO (A-Brothers Remix)027-02-2017
Juhan Kleingold - Hail (Patrick Hollo Remix)027-02-2017
Juhan Kleingold - Hail (Sasha Romaniuk,Sopik Remix)027-02-2017
Ronny Vergara - Pharmatek (Niereich Remix)027-02-2017
Ronny Vergara - Emancipation (Mike Humphries Remix)027-02-2017
Ronny Vergara - Emancipation (DJ Rush Remix)027-02-2017
Mark Cowax - Sound-Freakers (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Steve Alterio - Worm In The Head (Guillermo DR Remix)027-02-2017
Mark Cowax - Lapdance (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Irregular Synth - Rumble (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Andre Rauer - Saw (Original Mix)027-02-2017
M-Pak - Bulb (Jukstapoze Remix)027-02-2017
Christian S - Darkness Promise (Kai Pattenberg Remix)027-02-2017
Christian Schachinger - Break The Rules (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Hard Bass School - Pump-Shlak (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Hardclash - Defenition 20k7 (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Christian S - Darkness Promise (LNO Remix)027-02-2017
Hardclash - Dark And Hard (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Zeit/Bypass - Ascari (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Miss Adk - Ante la Muerte (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Christian Schachinger - Break The Rules (Remy Julien Remix)027-02-2017
Unknown - Indian Tools (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Unknown - Spartans (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Bruchrille - Teufelstanz (Alain Delay Remix)027-02-2017
Zeit/Bypass - O.V (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Christian S - Darkness Promise (Julian Grede Remix)027-02-2017
Hardclash - Punk MF (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Bruchrille - Teufelstanz (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Zeit/Bypass - Starr (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Segler - Back Side (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Forest Weed - Ad-Extra (Gregor Size Remix)027-02-2017
Bruchrille - Teufelstanz (Chefetage Remix)027-02-2017
Chris Masc - Bonebreakers (Sebastian Schwarz Remix)027-02-2017
Chris Masc - Bonebreakers (Ronny Richter Remix)027-02-2017
Eddie Krystal - Collision Course (Soul Mob Remix)027-02-2017
Forest Weed - Ad-Extra (Davide Nava Remix)027-02-2017
Hardclash - Embuscada (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Bruchrille - Teufelstanz (Champas Remix)027-02-2017
Bruchrille - Teufelstanz (Kai Pattenberg Remix)027-02-2017
The Animated Tiara - Kuiper Belt (Luke Lund Remix)027-02-2017
Chris Masc - Bonebreakers (Tim Wittig Remix)027-02-2017
Chris Masc - Bonebreakers (Terra4Beat Remix)027-02-2017
Chris Masc - Bonebreakers (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Miss Adk - Todo es insignificante (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Xerxes - Bunker (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Xerxes - The Plan (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Fabian Roelandt - Tone To Ron (Joe Kendut Remix)027-02-2017
Zeit/Bypass - Agony (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Christian S - Darkness Promise (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Bruchrille - Teufelstanz (Jin Du Jun Remix)027-02-2017
Hardclash - Old Hacker (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Christian Schachinger - Break The Rules (Tonikattitude Remix)027-02-2017
Segler - Back Side (Kubot Remix)027-02-2017
Segler - Back Side (Sandro Galli Remix)027-02-2017
Kaizer The DJ - Nothing Is Real (ExploSpirit Remix)027-02-2017
Tilt Hammer - Nightlife (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Primus V - Modican One (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Dither - Hammer Jammer (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Primus V - Disarmed (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Frau Anke - Mr.Mabo (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Frau Anke - 90kms (Paulo BGG Remix)027-02-2017
Ken Utterson - Greed (Ethan Fawkes Remix)027-02-2017
Tilt Hammer - Pump up the Crowd (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Kaizer The DJ - Ty Sign (GSM Remix)027-02-2017
Kaizer The DJ - Nothing Is Real (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Kaizer The DJ - Nothing Is Real (Blankenstein Remix)027-02-2017
Sutura - Donner Geflüster (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Sutura - My Porno (Original Mix)027-02-2017
Ken Utterson - Domination (Demia E.Clash Remix)027-02-2017

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