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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Hellsystem - Vor (Original Mix)020-03-2009
Mechanical Brothers - Suenos Rotos (Original Mix)020-03-2009
Repeet - The Planet Called Muramaketi (Original Mix)020-03-2009
Mechanical Brothers - Mi Amor (Original Mix)020-03-2009
Used & Abused - Give It To Me 2009 (Wilcox Hard Techno Remix)020-03-2009
Repeet - Electronic Revolution (Original Mix)020-03-2009
Massimo Nero - Das Nero (Tenebre Mix)020-03-2009
Grovskopa - Balamber (El Bosco Remix)019-03-2009
Brad Lee - Fade Into Darkness (Original Mix)019-03-2009
Mattias Fridell - Force Direction (Original Mix)019-03-2009
Elektroworld - Prison Time (Marc Newman Remix)019-03-2009
Elektroworld - Prison Time (Danilo Moton Remix)019-03-2009
Elektroworld - Prison Time (Collen Vax Remix)019-03-2009
Polygon Prompt - Elusion (Original Mix)019-03-2009
Rumenige - Fastfood (Original Mix)019-03-2009
The Divide - Category 5 (Original Mix)019-03-2009
Mattias Fridell - Nano Surgery (Original Mix)019-03-2009
Buchecha - Dont Make Me Destroy You (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Sepromatiq - Flashtrash (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Noro - Ritual (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Mechanical Brothers - Whats Up (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Destroyer - Tutorial (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Anzi - Solutions (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Fergis - Trauma People (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Fergis - Into The Kick (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Fergis - Knuckles (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Fergis - Fuck Me Doctor (Original Mix)016-03-2009
D - Passion - Infection (Original Mix)016-03-2009
D - Passion - This Is The Day (Original Mix)016-03-2009
D - Passion - Realism (Promo Remix)016-03-2009
D - Passion - Plat & Voorspelbaar (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Unknown, Sy - Don't Wanna Let You Down feat. Ben Willliams (Original Mix)016-03-2009
Unknown, Sy - Hardcore (Original Mix)016-03-2009
DJ Pilot - The Train (Original Mix)013-03-2009
DJ Pilot - Phosgen (Original Mix)013-03-2009
DJ Pilot - The Result Of The Dual (Original Mix)013-03-2009
DJ Pilot - More Shit Of That (Original Mix)013-03-2009
DJ Bam Bam, Jamie Bissmire - Nasty But Nice (Original Mix)011-03-2009
Neonkind - Five Inches Away (Original Mix)011-03-2009
W. J. Henze - Domination Of The Elements (Original Mix)011-03-2009
Neonkind - Six Feet Under (Original Mix)011-03-2009
Bando - Transistor (Original Mix)011-03-2009
Michael Burkat - Pine Barrens (Original Mix)011-03-2009
Michael Burkat - Latin Techno Session 2 (Original Mix)011-03-2009
Michael Burkat - Mental Orgasm (Day Mix)011-03-2009
Stephan Strube - Ostgut (Original Mix)010-03-2009
Stephan Strube - Antidrug (Original Mix)010-03-2009
Stephan Strube - Electrix (Original Mix)010-03-2009
Stephan Strube - Skin (Original Mix)010-03-2009
Paul Langley - Way Back (Jack Into Time Mix)009-03-2009
Evanti - Sudden Change (Original Mix)009-03-2009
DJ Arcane - Euforia (Original Mix)009-03-2009
Radium - Justice For All (Original Mix)106-03-2009
Radium - Infiltrate U (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Radium - Get Your Hands Up (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Amnesys - Elevation (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Amnesys - 4D Future (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Amnesys - Raw Generation (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Lenny Dee, The Sickest Squad, Randy - Brrr Stick'em (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Lenny Dee, The Sickest Squad, Randy - Return (Original Mix)006-03-2009
DJD - Imagine (Original Mix)006-03-2009
DJD - Disharmonic Harmony (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Nitrogenetics - My Enemy (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance (Nexes Remix)006-03-2009
Unknown - Punani (DJ D Smashing Remix)106-03-2009
Robert Fabian - Daybreak (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Robert Fabian - 6 O'clock In The Morning (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Robert Fabian - Always The Bang-bang (Original Mix)006-03-2009
Robert Fabian - Sunset (Original Mix)006-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - We Are Twins (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - I Dream Your Eyes (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - Criminal (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - The Lost Tribe (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - The Break Bass (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - Pak “The Crazyman” (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - Freestaylerz (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - After Years Of Experiences (Original Mix)004-03-2009
DJ Atom - Hell Breaks Loose (Original Mix)004-03-2009
DJ Atom - Stomp Your Feet (Original Mix)004-03-2009
Tilthammer - Only God Can Judge Me (Original Mix)004-03-2009
Tilthammer - Power Of Persistance (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - The Never Ending Story (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - Tranz Lirix (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - Ruff In The Jungle (Original Mix)004-03-2009
The Twins Artcore - Undreground (Original Mix)004-03-2009
DJ Arcane - The Curse Of The Arcane (Original Mix)002-03-2009
DJ Arcane - Crime In The City (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Arkus P., DJ Arcane - The Curse Of The Arcane (Arkus P. Remix)002-03-2009
Ganez The Terrible - Dark Side Of The G. (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Dark Fork - No Name Now (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Overdrivers - Dangerous Rodeo (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Al - Yen aka Acid Witch - Night Of Sacrifice (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Fabio MC, Massi P - Cosmo (Original Mix)002-03-2009
DJ Ogi - Plug (Original Mix)002-03-2009
DJ Ogi - Papir (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Brainwash - Loosing Control (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Brainwash - Mental Breakdown (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Brainwash - Call From Heaven (Original Mix)002-03-2009
Brainwash - Irrational Impulses (Original Mix)002-03-2009

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