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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Beat Therapy - Cycles (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Beat Therapy - Retroactive Interference (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Jason Little - Tragedy Is Invisible (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Jason Little - Sun Violence (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Jason Little - More Then Money (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Jason Little - Evil Inside (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Jason Little - Assassins (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Davide Mancini - Submarine (Forest People Replant)025-08-2016
Pillsman - Ninth Circle (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Pillsman - Process (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Pillsman - Dark Matter (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Pillsman - Resonance (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Wisna - Cup (Original Mix)025-08-2016
BassTi MMorbus Tinitus - Tekkno (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Dual Fuel - Delta (Tonikattitude Remix)025-08-2016
Lowerzone - Katana attack (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Chris David - Last One (Ruud S Remix)025-08-2016
Liam Martin - War Drums (Original Mix)025-08-2016
Paranoidpeople - Paranoia (Original Mix)025-08-2016
KillerBeats - Unknown Girl (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Eric Sand - Knight Rider (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Skull Demon - Waking The Demon (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Skull DemonThe Fatcore - Sahara (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Skull Demon - Dreamer (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Skull DemonOhmin's - Black Rain (Original Mix)024-08-2016
OhmboyHyrule War - Run With Us (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - New Worlds (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Boom Shake (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule WarLa Ravage - Neurotoxin (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Shotgun On The Rooster (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Strange Things (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Dr. PeacockHyrule War - Fastest Man Alive (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Death Sentence (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Joey RiotInstigate - It's Over Now (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Old School Of HardTechno (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - FuckUp and Dance (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - OverLoad (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Hell Gates (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Spiritual Spirit (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Shake That Ass For Me (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Black Sheep 2016 (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Enjoy Your Night 2016 (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - One Nation (Original Mix)024-08-2016
KillerBeats - Rock Your Soul (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Killer Machine (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Famous In Vegas (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Burn The Floor (The Mastery Remix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Gold Dust (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule WarSghenny - Trouble (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - Meditate (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Hyrule War - The One Who Knocks (Sefa Remix)024-08-2016
Lunatique Sublime - Solar (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Lunatique Sublime - Behind The Side (Original Mix)024-08-2016
Lavjella - Qowaz (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Lavjella - Polka (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Lavjella - Monotone (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Hollmspeed - Dark Moon (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Lavjella - Only Ecstasy (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Akulin - Rip (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Akulin - Coloured Road (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Jesus Escobar - Road To Hell (HP Source Remix)023-08-2016
Akulin - Grey Ash (Original Mix)023-08-2016
StarvingPoet - Silver Death Breath (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Mr. Gemini - Wormhole of Time (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Darmec - Retrograde (Dario Sorano Remix)023-08-2016
Darmec - Retrograde (Steve Shaden Remix)023-08-2016
EufeionKandie Rush - Tokie (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Mark SherryGene Karz - Spacewarp (Darmec Remix)023-08-2016
2bee - Last Raver (Original Mix)023-08-2016
2bee - Solvent (Original)023-08-2016
Jens Jakob - Dark Vibration (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Mr. Gemini - Pulsate (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Mark SherryGene Karz - Spacewarp (Silent Echo Remix)023-08-2016
Darmec - Retrograde (Original Mix)023-08-2016
Jesus Escobar - Push eMotions (Sven Sossong Remix)023-08-2016
Vegim - Antihuman (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Vegim - Mood Frequencer (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Vegim - She Walks In My Shoes (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Vegim - Emphasise (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Vegim - She Walks In My Shoes (AnGy KoRe Remix)022-08-2016
Vegim - Antihuman (Stevie Wilson Remix)022-08-2016
Vegim - Mood Frequencer (D.A.V.E The Drummer Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Solar (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Solar (Earth Control Room Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Solar (Rootless & Chris Nait Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Solar (Disastar & Mr.Peppers Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Solar (Noseda Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Solar (Oxidoxs Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Black Out (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Black Out (Tony Demoet Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Black Out (Kaizer The Dj Remix)022-08-2016
Tonikattitude - Black Out (FZL HARD ACID Remix)022-08-2016
Danger Noise - Stigma (Acki, Cross Beat Remix)022-08-2016
Atze Ton - Electric Ball (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Dominik Haak - Rapture (Part A)022-08-2016
Dominik Haak - Rapture (Part B)022-08-2016
Skot - Orgasmik (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Skot - Schizophrene (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Nizzy - No Vision (Original Mix)022-08-2016
Nizzy - Guidance (Original Mix)022-08-2016

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