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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Mr. Rog - The Millenarian Dragon (Original Mix)014-07-2017
Mr. Rog - Thunderbolt (Original Mix)014-07-2017
Fallout Shelter - Dreams of A Better Hell (Original Mix)014-07-2017
Akulin - Lawn Mower (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Akulin - Night Rite (Original Mix)013-07-2017
H T 4 L - Love and Hate (Original Mix)013-07-2017
H T 4 L - Killing Robots (Original Mix)013-07-2017
H T 4 L - Dead Religion (Original Mix)013-07-2017
H T 4 L - Your Nightmares Will Kill You (Original Mix)013-07-2017
B904 - Scattered (Original Mix)013-07-2017
B904 - Crystal (Original Mix)013-07-2017
AnGy KoRe - My Case (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Stu & Brew - Materials (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Tawa Girl - La Geometrie De L'imaginaire (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Kony Donales - Fish Food (Original Mix)013-07-2017
A.PaulDolby D - Mirage (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Digital Punk - F.#.C.K.Y.O.U. (Original Mix)013-07-2017
DJ BSR - Don't Get Too Excited (Original Mix)013-07-2017
TimaoReneHell - Angels (Original Mix)013-07-2017
TimaoReneHell - Idols (Original Mix)013-07-2017
TimaoReneHell - Saints (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Celino & Hensen - Black Code (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Celino & Hensen - Final Breath (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Celino & Hensen - Human Error (Original Mix)013-07-2017
UrielBurak Harsitlioglu - Get U Back (Judge Shredd Remix)013-07-2017
Darkinox - Son Of The B... (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Darkinox - Digital Action (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Sandro Galli - Ice Men (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Enrico Fuerte - Total Destruction (Dual Fuel Remix)013-07-2017
B.W.D - Obscure (Guil Uzaka Remix)013-07-2017
DjPablo - Zombies (Summer Mix)013-07-2017
Hellfish - For The Fans (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Hellfish - Step the Fuck Off (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Akulin - Defeat darkness (Original Mix)013-07-2017
Ersann - Skinwalker (Neritaan Selector Remix)012-07-2017
Ersann - Skinwalker (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Dave Blunt - Really Angry (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Kesz - Leave That Playbox (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Kesz - Dorys Loves You (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Construct Øst - Members of Acid (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Construct Øst - Poly (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Construct Øst - Tides (Original Mix)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Liquid Super D (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Act Of Aggression (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Dawn Of A New Era (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - I Don't Give A Damn (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Piss U Off (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Destination Death (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - When The Sun Rises (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Devil Inside (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-Noid - Crossfade (Remastered)012-07-2017
E-NoidKrad Evitagen - Antisocial Lab (Remastered)012-07-2017
Felix Wehden - Radioaktiv (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Felix Wehden - Tschernobyl (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Homma Honganji - Hasaway (Original Mix)012-07-2017
NorTheq - Welcome Back (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Mr. Rog - The Last Of Us (Original Mix)012-07-2017
RONDALE - Confused (Original Mix)012-07-2017
DJ Kingdom - Repeat it Again (Original Mix)012-07-2017
DJ Kingdom - Repeat it Again (Ulrich Van Bell -Wet & Hard Mix)012-07-2017
DJ Kingdom - Repeat it Again (SoundtraxX Remix)012-07-2017
Kevin Call - Plasma (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Tha PlayahE-ForceNolz - Warfare (Official AIRFORCE 2017 anthem) feat. Nolz (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Luca La Rocca - Chaos (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Gabbanatic - Departure (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Counterfeit - Spike (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Counterfeit - Scene Destroyers (Original Mix)012-07-2017
SyndromeBartoch - Good Attention (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Bartoch - Vindily (Original Mix)012-07-2017
DJ Syndrome - Third World (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Insane S - Run If You Can! (Original Mix)012-07-2017
BlasterInsane S - Back Flip (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Insane S - Mr. Money (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Dave Blunt - Monsters (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Jssst - Rondjes Lopen (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Tiger X.O - The Key for Tonight (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Jssst - Inner Drive (Original Mix)012-07-2017
Letunlame - I'm Ready (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Alex Brend - Saw (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Ruud S - Unreality (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Human Insect - Protozoa (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Metadon Junkies - Outcoming Call (Original Mix)011-07-2017
K0r1n - Black Sun (Original Mix)011-07-2017
SopikVolodia Rizak - Vexed (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Zekiel - Space Invaders (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Sopik - Dark Age (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Tropar Flot - Geysers of Gore (Original Mix)011-07-2017
K0r1n - Dystopia (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Tonikattitude - The Last Chance (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Blank & Blanker - Fata Morgana (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Blank & Blanker - Total Emptyness (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Nizzy - Only One (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Sopik - Dark Age (Vox Mix)011-07-2017
Sopik - Black Fever (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Sopik - False Alarm (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Blank & Blanker - Demented (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Blank & Blanker - Schulhof - Tyran (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Lo-K - Para Mi Ijos (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Drzneday - Commitment (Original Mix)011-07-2017
Discoatl - Reconstruction (Original Mix)011-07-2017

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