New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Sandro Galli - Transistore (Original Mix)026-01-2017
NIKLEAR - She Doesnt See Reality (Original Mix)026-01-2017
NIKLEAR - She Doesnt See Reality (Adrian Pitscher Remix)026-01-2017
NIKLEAR - She Doesnt See Reality (Bruchrille Remix)026-01-2017
NIKLEAR - She Doesnt See Reality (Jin Du Jun Remix)026-01-2017
NIKLEAR - She Doesnt See Reality (TRIEBKRAFT Remix)026-01-2017
Chris Rinox - Rings of Uranus (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Chris Rinox - Mission Critical (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Chris Rinox - Space Polka (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Chris Rinox - Particle in Cell (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Der Reinhalter - Numb (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Der Reinhalter - Stunned (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Der Reinhalter - Unleashed (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Marsi - Breakdown (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Marsi - Breakdown (Silvano Scarpetta Remix)026-01-2017
Marsi - Demolition (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Marsi - Demolition (Adrian Richter Remix)026-01-2017
Death Syndicate - Adrenosceptor (Original Mix)026-01-2017
Bodzza - Carbon (Original Mix)025-01-2017
DJ Dextro - Ohrangutang (IDR3N, Buitrago Remix)025-01-2017
Buitrago - Cuervo (Cyberx Remix)025-01-2017
Andre Rauer - Release (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Andre Rauer - Decay (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Sol Brown - Fortress of Giant Spiders (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Sol Brown - Cloud of Cyborg Bees (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Sol Brown - Mask of Metal Maggots (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Sol Brown - Antenna and Hive Mind 1 (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Helmut Kraft - TR04 (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Unknown - Fire (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Unknown - Maximal (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Unknown - Exiles (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Unknown - Ping Pong Pineapple (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Remo-con - Hello Mr. Breakbeats (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Remo-con - SHAMILA (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Steve Alterio - Trip of a Sleepless Night (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Steve Alterio - Black Mind (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Steve Alterio - Strong (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Steve Alterio - Dark Pattern (Original Mix)025-01-2017
BaneViolence - Where The Party At (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Violence - Disturbed (Original Mix)025-01-2017
Bane - Beats, Rhythms, Hardcore (Original Mix)025-01-2017
DeepVoiceeLewis Shephard - Exclusive Anthem (exploSpirit Remix)024-01-2017
Drugs Of Technology - Hypnosis (Christian Schachinger Remix)024-01-2017
Tawa Girl - Effet Papillon (Tonikattitude Remix)024-01-2017
Sopik - Bye Bye (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Franck Antenucci - Reversible Center (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Da Productor - D3mo?d3rnized (Original Mix)024-01-2017
InToXx - Fang Ihn & Fick Ihn (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Yamato Nobunaga - Madness (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Yamato Nobunaga - Apokalypse (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Tyler Rouse - Craven (Bas Albers Remix)024-01-2017
Yamato Nobunaga - Cocaine (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Yamato Nobunaga - Alchemy (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Yamato Nobunaga - Secret Force (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Stereomonotonie - Chloe (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Stereomonotonie - Corax (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Alex TB - Get a Life (Original)024-01-2017
DJ Drops - French Madness (Original)024-01-2017
DJ Drops - Maniac Monkey (Original)024-01-2017
Peterson - 666 (Original)024-01-2017
Daniel Mezani - Locked (Original Mix)024-01-2017
N.O.B.A - Strange Night (Original Mix)024-01-2017
N.O.B.A - Nightmare (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Viktor GerkFidos Off - Don't Cry! (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Fidos Off - Chasm (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Fidos Off - The End (Silvester Version)024-01-2017
Terra4beat - Affect (E la Luna Remix)024-01-2017
Abductions - Mind Control (Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix)024-01-2017
Meiko - Ground Music (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Les Psss - About Music (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Boriqua Tribez - Ferry Dust (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Sopik - Ex-Donetsk (Original Mix)024-01-2017
KEFFISH - Voyage D'Hermes (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Tito K. - Broken Strings (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Tito K. - Human Predator (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Tito K. - Flashback (Original Mix)024-01-2017
KEFFISH - The Path (Original Mix)024-01-2017
KEFFISH - The Path (Sopik Remix)024-01-2017
KEFFISH - Vengeance (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Gabu - Sunburst Impact (Original Mix)024-01-2017
Matt Salou - Clin D'oeil (Original Mix)023-01-2017
KrustBro - Excidium (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Fresh Otis - Extremely Low Frequenzy (Narkotech Remix)023-01-2017
Fresh Otis - E Nightmare (Nanter Remix)023-01-2017
MykeMyth - Peace In My Darkness (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Patrick DSP - Chromium (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Bagagee Viphex13 - Acid Scream (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Sopik - We Can Do Everything (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Transistor (Human Aether Remix)023-01-2017
Spec. - Good Morning Stranger (Original Mix)023-01-2017
JeanLa Plastique - Moonlight (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Fresh Otis - Bianca's Penetration (Tonikattitude Remix)023-01-2017
SpektreIrregular Synth - Dance Here Now (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Dax J - Valve Systems (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Fabian Jakopetz - Sinergy Vision (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Athson - Jambo Jumbo (Original Mix)023-01-2017
Andres Gil - Rings of Jupiter (Original Mix)023-01-2017
InToXx - Hello (UtzzMann Remix)023-01-2017
InToXx - Hello (Original Mix)023-01-2017
George Perry - Crest (Eric Sneo Remix)023-01-2017

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