New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
StormtrooperMinupren - Eskalieren (Cipher Remix)009-01-2016
Deftrax - Bitches Ain't Running (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Narghathrumph - Republic Pornography (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Van Dammed - Welcome to Malibu, Bitch (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Suicide Rage - L'atterisage (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Insult - 100 Gabba Gaidi (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Rina May - Scars of War (San-D Remix)009-01-2016
The Untitled - Revolt (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Electronic Mind Expansion - Chain Reaction (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Nightbreed - Fucking Terror (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Nightbreed - Motiv-8 (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Nightbreed - Door To Dreams (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Nightbreed - As One (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Moleculez - Flangers in the Dark (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Elmadon - Helping Hands (Fast Progressive Radio Edit)009-01-2016
Al TwistedNecrotic - A Fist Full of XTC (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Deathmachine - Get Down Low (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Khaoz Engine - Substance Of My Demise (Original Mix)009-01-2016
HellfishTugie - Direct Fear (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Bryan Fury - The Dodger (Original Mix)009-01-2016
Evil Modem - Clumsy (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Evil Modem - Boom (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Evil Modem - Chancellor (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Evil Modem - Coffee (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Evil Modem - Schwer (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Evil Modem - Skjult (Original Mix)008-01-2016
LewisDave Castellano - Waiting (Original Mix)008-01-2016
V!NH - The Floor (Original Mix)008-01-2016
V!NH - The Floor (Echobeat Remix)008-01-2016
V!NH - The Floor (MDF Remix)008-01-2016
V!NH - The Floor (Dual Fuel Remix)008-01-2016
V!NH - Resurrection (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Tom RevolutionKyle WytchWood - Don't Stop Move Closer (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Core-Key - Fire (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Palmas' N' Raven - Black Edition Anthem (Radio Edit)008-01-2016
Brain Crackers - Frog Factory (Extended Mix)008-01-2016
Guil Uzaka - Shock (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Hellfish - Rip The Cut (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Hellfish - Hardcore Will Never Die (Original Mix)008-01-2016
DJ MegalomaniacWashington C - Certain Clubs (Original Mix)008-01-2016
Humberto Plaza - The Wall (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Homma Honganji - Grenado (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Millau - Anything To Anyone (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Chewy Martins - My Feel (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Terra4beatDanny Stompe - Radiation (Original Mix)007-01-2016
A.p.t.a - Lord of Darkness (Original Mix)007-01-2016
MiditecJoanLui - Dark Collision (Original Mix)007-01-2016
FabioTek - Life (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Batteriebetrieb - Places (Tonikattitude Remix)007-01-2016
Evil Modem - Your Green Eyes (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Evil Modem - Long Ears (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Karkasz - Space Crusher (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Karkasz - Voice of Tekkerz (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Djxx - Djxx Generations (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Djxx - Pitch Trip (Original Mix)007-01-2016
SopikScreamer - Dark century (Original Mix)007-01-2016
SopikScreamer - Sniper (Original Mix)007-01-2016
The Omen - Kick It Off (Kickin' Remix)007-01-2016
Enfusia - Hit 'Em With This (Hit It Remix)007-01-2016
Hard Target - Knights Of Hardcore (Phyton Remix)007-01-2016
DJ Yves - Leprechaun (Remix)007-01-2016
Brutal Unity - Feels Like Flyin' (Analog Break)007-01-2016
Scott Brown - Crack It (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Hungry Beats - She Can Not Die (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Hungry Beats - Quarantine X (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Hungry Beats - Get Hard (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Hungry Beats - You Are Nothing (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Loco Motiv - Opposite Silence (Original Mix)007-01-2016
LD962 - Gone (Original Mix)007-01-2016
LD962 - Nokksplz (Original Mix)007-01-2016
LD962 - Positronic (Original Mix)007-01-2016
LD962 - Positronic (Comet Remix)007-01-2016
LD962 - Positronic (Dijuma Remix)007-01-2016
Primus VF.Tek - Tripeirus (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Muttek - Breaking Dawn (Original Mix)007-01-2016
J. Vitoria - Ireal Player (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Spektral - Monster Talking (Original Mix)007-01-2016
Norman Andretti aka Quarill - Obsession (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Norman Andretti aka Quarill - Obsession (Eloy Palma & Brutec Remix)006-01-2016
Norman Andretti aka Quarill - Stolen Future (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Norman Andretti aka Quarill - Stolen Future (Miche Remix)006-01-2016
S3rlEmiRazor Sharp - Starlight Starbright (DJ Edit)006-01-2016
Las Vegas Parano - Zg02-Erg (Ivan Gafer Remix)006-01-2016
Las Vegas Parano - Zg02-Erg1 (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Las Vegas Parano - Zg02-Erg2 (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Las Vegas Parano - Zg02-Erg2 (Orphan Remix)006-01-2016
William Kiss - Riot (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Filaria - No Limit (Underlimited Mix) (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Anima - Love Hurts (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Atze Ton - Bx III (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Ezequiel Gonzalez - Dark Room (Original Mix)006-01-2016
Exhibitus - Antichrist (Gina Cifre Remix)006-01-2016
Bseiten - Heidi (Original Mix)006-01-2016
End 519 - Vast Done (O. Lopez Beat Remix)005-01-2016
Terra4beatNeurofaza - Mitternachtszirkus (Original Mix)005-01-2016
Terra4beatNeurofaza - Mitternachtszirkus (Andre Rauer Remix)005-01-2016
Gastar-Ten - Doodle (Original Mix)005-01-2016
K-melPablo Logic - Jaguar (BassTi M Remix)005-01-2016
A.p.t.a - Modulation (Original Mix)005-01-2016
DarKo Vinni - Destinazione Finale (Bart Hayzer Remix)005-01-2016

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