New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
CabeGarett White - Hide Me (Original Mix)019-02-2018
Fred Asquith - Dear (Original Mix)018-02-2018
Gregor Size - Ehrgeiz (Original Mix)018-02-2018
ADChamber - Spacewalk 2018 (Extended Mix)018-02-2018
ADChamber - Spacewalk 2018 (Radio Mix)018-02-2018
Dark Ng - Virtual (Original mix)018-02-2018
Matt Altman - Human Error (Original Mix)018-02-2018
Matt Altman - Never Again (Original Mix)018-02-2018
Öphiuchus - Acid (Darkboy Remix)018-02-2018
MaotaiTobi Wan Kenobi - Dirty Sprite (Original Mix)017-02-2018
X-TeknokorePikore - Vicious Circle (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Mr. Tommy - Iris (Radio Mix)017-02-2018
Entropy Frequency - Basic Instinct (Greg Denbosa Remix)017-02-2018
DJ Poison - Nightcore (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Dope The Noise - Can't Stop Us Now (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Nayami - Sputnik (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Ijana - Bridges All Down (Infinite Mix)017-02-2018
Pablo Caballero - Black History (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Pablo Caballero - White History (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Doctor Boom - Mindhunter (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Doctor Boom - Ransom (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Eric Daviz - Rage for Decades (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Eric Daviz - Tracked (Original Mix)017-02-2018
MiperAlex Kern - Traumatized (Original Mix)017-02-2018
GSM - In My (CarbBeat remix)017-02-2018
GSM - In My (Kaizer The Dj remix)017-02-2018
Current Flow - Decision (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Lenz - Fast and Noisy (Original Mix)017-02-2018
RAMON CANO GONZALEZ - Vacio (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Medical Fluid Project - Rude & Sour (Original Mix)017-02-2018
Steve Alterio - Anything Wrong (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Steve Alterio - Eyes don't lie (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Steve Alterio - Incømpresø (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Miss Channa - Cardinals of Evil (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Miss Channa - Unacceptable (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Oam Akay - Mystery Noises (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Daniel Herrmann - Illusion (Mr. Peppers Remix)016-02-2018
Flash-X - The Fiction (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Manuel Fuentes - Scheiss Nazis (DJ Boss Remix)016-02-2018
Arkus P. - Kraftstoff (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Dark Skyline - Voice of Hell (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Marco Bussola - Primate Rage (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Energun 22 - Prostert (Original Mix)016-02-2018
BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm) - Choice's (Dark Times Mix)016-02-2018
BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm) - Locomotive (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Omega Drive - I Will Make You Understand (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Omega Drive - Screaming My Name (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Unrest - Criminal Mind (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Unrest - Do Or Die (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Unrest - She's A Witch (Original Mix)016-02-2018
System Shock - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)016-02-2018
System Shock - Offensive (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Conjuncture (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Corrosion (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Counterpart (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Elasticity (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Indivisible (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Induction (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Interphase (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Intersection (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Intersperse (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Luminosity (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Molecule (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Narmek - Radiation (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Drug4u - Medea (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Maschera - Rising emotion (Original Mix)016-02-2018
GregaAssilem - Hopp On (Original Mix)016-02-2018
GregaAssilem - Hopp Off (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Sazera - Wave Of Fear (Original mix)016-02-2018
Sazera - Phantom City (Original mix)016-02-2018
Sazera - HateBomb (Original mix)016-02-2018
ABYSSVM - Silentium7 (Original Mix)016-02-2018
ABYSSVM - Impetus (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Da Mouth Of MadnessHyrule WarScarphase - The Big Ten feat. Da Mouth Of Madness (Original Mix)016-02-2018
LunaKorpzScarphase - Moshpit (Original Mix)016-02-2018
ScarphaseMind Compressor - Hot Topic (Original Mix)016-02-2018
UnresolvedScarphase - Warcry (Original Mix)016-02-2018
ScarphaseTypherix - W.O.E.F (Original Mix)016-02-2018
UnprovenScarphaseFrenchfaces - Finger On The Trigger (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Mike Humphries - Telepath (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Mike Humphries - Warning (Original Mix)016-02-2018
LysergideHydroxide - Rip off Your Face (Original Mix)016-02-2018
LysergideHydroxide - Rip off Your Face (UKTM Remix)016-02-2018
Okkoto - Nemesis (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Okkoto - Duality (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Okkoto - Backdown (Original Mix)016-02-2018
DJ Shanz - Teddy Bear (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Initialize Productions - Blue Life (Original Mix)016-02-2018
OXx_ - Modulation (Original Mix)016-02-2018
DJ P-Lu - Fury (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Innovative - Only Way Is Up (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Painbringer - Ghosttown (Original Mix)016-02-2018
Alex Mayer - Dedicated To Martin (Original Mix)015-02-2018
Cristian Cerio - The Garden (Original Mix)015-02-2018
Cristian Cerio - Puzzle (Original Mix)015-02-2018
Achromatic - Cyanide (Original Mix)015-02-2018
Achromatic - Digit Error (Original Mix)015-02-2018
Achromatic - Insert Code (Original Mix)015-02-2018
DJ Dextro - Robot Era (Original Mix)015-02-2018
DJ Dextro - Doppler (Original Mix)015-02-2018

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