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New House Tracks - House

New House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Gazza - Be There Be Gone (Gazza Remix)023-12-2014
Federico Scavo - Land on Mars (Federico Scavo Remix)023-12-2014
David Morales - Godspeed You (David Morales Remix)023-12-2014
Dirty Vegas - Let the Night (Extended Mix)023-12-2014
Ultra Nate - So Glamorous (Original Mix)023-12-2014
The Cube Guys - I'm Your Sacrifice (The Cube Guys Remix)023-12-2014
Vintage Lounge Orchestra - Dreams (Director's Cut Classic Mix)023-12-2014
Heliotype - Saying Nothing (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Electro Blues - All I Do (Samuele Sartini Remix)023-12-2014
Federico Scavo - Balada (Vocal Mix)023-12-2014
Mike Mago - It Must Be Love (Mike Mago Remix)023-12-2014
The Cube Guys - La Vérité (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Super Draft - Devotion (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Super Draft - Devotion (Radio Edit)023-12-2014
Ministry of Funk - Kiss (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Mike Newman - Shake (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Tom Sawyer - Who´s Watching (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Tom Sawyer - On Stoe (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Ministry of Funk - Spacer (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Ministry of Funk - The Dancer (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Dj PP - Inferno (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Dj PP - Miami Vice (Original Mix)023-12-2014
OHBB - 83 Kilo (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Platinum Monkey - Dancing on the Sand (Original Mix)023-12-2014
Platinum Monkey - Dancing on the Sand (Dub Mix)023-12-2014
Alex Morais - 94 (Original Mix)023-12-2014
No Maka - Kuia Feat. Cali Flow 212 (Radio Edit)023-12-2014
DJ Aguillar - Morena (Abana A Bunda) (Radio Edit)023-12-2014
Joel Santos - Go Deejay Feat. Mc Taty Agressivo (Andrextremex Radio Edit)023-12-2014
Nuno Fernandez - Kapote (Mexe Mexe) (Nuno Fernandez Radio Edit)023-12-2014
Strip Steve - Well (Strip Steve Warehouse Mix)023-12-2014
Strip Steve - Well (Strip Steve Warehouse Dub)023-12-2014
DjM - Burnin' (Radio Edit)023-12-2014
DjM - Burnin' (Original Mix)023-12-2014
The Cube Guys - Everyday Of My Life (Vicente Ferrer, Victor Perez, T, Tommy Remix)023-12-2014
Kokiri - Retrospect (12" Mix)022-12-2014
Vanilla Ace - Content feat. Shane Blackshaw (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mediate - Everytime (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Poupon - Fall Back feat. Sam Moffatt (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Sam Young - Trapped In Between (Vanilla Ace Remix)022-12-2014
Barrientos - Ballin' (Tiptoes Remix)022-12-2014
DubRocca - Withdrawal (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Kenny Ground - En la Mar (Erik Hagleton Rework Kenny Ground Remix)022-12-2014
Coqui Selection - En la Mar (Erik Hagleton Rework Coqui Selection Remix)022-12-2014
The Cube Guys - Everyday Of My Life (Marco Santoro Remix)022-12-2014
The Cube Guys - Everyday Of My Life (Loris B Remix)022-12-2014
The Cube Guys - Everyday Of My Life (Alex Fioretti Remix)022-12-2014
The Cube Guys - Everyday Of My Life (Rio Dela Duna & Andy Rojas Remix)022-12-2014
Chris Fortier - Audio Tour (Continuous DJ Mix)022-12-2014
James Curd - Gan Slam (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - 2 Sum Swang (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - Girl For Me (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - Swing Millenium (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - You Ain't Shit (Original Mix)022-12-2014
James Curd - Keep Quiet (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - Keep Quiet (Mike Dixon Remix)022-12-2014
James Curd - Dra Gan (Original Mix)022-12-2014
James Curd - Keep Going (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - Cool Down Daddy (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Dixon - Swing In The Horns (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Rinpoche - Marianne (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Jolyon Petch - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Samuele Sartini - Keep Dancing (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Slideback - Feel Good (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Code3000 - I Need It (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Antoine Cortez - Do You Remember (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Dave Aude - Hustlin (Slideback Remix)022-12-2014
Block & Crown - Loose My Mind (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Marco Vistosi - Fuck The Disco (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Federico Scavo - Colegiala (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Black Legend Project - Feel Me (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Gallo - Beat Of The Drum (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Nique - Short Dick Man (Hoxton Whores Remx)022-12-2014
R.O.N.N. - Velvet Heaven (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Hoxton Whores - Lonely One (Hoxton Whores)022-12-2014
Slideback - Housecat (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Mike Newman - Good 4 Me (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Crazibiza - 1974 (Leston & Crazibiza Remix)022-12-2014
Luca Debonaire - Times R Rough (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Vigo Qinan - I Disco (Original Mix)022-12-2014
David Mel - Superfunk (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Leston - Down The Drain (Crazibiza Edit)022-12-2014
Lauer & Canard - Be My Lady (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Crazibiza - Best Of My Love (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Dandy Rolls - Peaches & Grapes (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Dandy Rolls - Peaches & Grapes (Instrumental Mix)022-12-2014
Cash Only - Our Time (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Arnaud D - Bekezela (Original Mix)022-12-2014
Arnaud D - Bekezela (Black Motion Tale Of The Monkeys Mix)022-12-2014
Arnaud D - Bekezela (French Touch Mix)022-12-2014
Africanism - En la Mar (Erik Hagleton Rework Main Mix)022-12-2014
Cash Only - Ceiling (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Sisters Pledge - Summers Breezin (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Sisters Pledge - Choppin (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Njamimars - Natural Rivers (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Njamimars - Natural Rivers (Scenic Groove Remix)021-12-2014
Njamimars - Natural Rivers (Yuri Viroj Remix)021-12-2014
Aninha meets Rafael Rosa - Keeps On Light (Original Mix)021-12-2014
Imaad Manzar - Keeps On Light (Imaad Manzar Remix)021-12-2014
Doneck - Keeps On Light (DoNeck Remix)021-12-2014

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