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New House Tracks - House

New House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Gabriele D'Andrea - Lagrima (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Pat Rich - Back To Brazil (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Dorian Dj - Hope (Extended Mix)029-01-2015
Fred Pellichero - Rollin (Roman Rosati Remix)029-01-2015
Dajaus - Funky Strings (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Bongani Bongzin Mbatha - Wonderful Feeling (Steve Miggedy Maestro Mix)029-01-2015
Aphreme - Life (Soul Afrika Crew's Kamikze Mix)029-01-2015
Kekstar Keke - Organ Touch (Original Mix)029-01-2015
DJ TooNice - Can You Feel It (Master 2)029-01-2015
Sean Smith - Love (Sean Smith's Smooth Agent Edit)029-01-2015
Xerophytic Soul - Nhoma Africa (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Darque - Son Of Soil (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Jaytee - Cloudy Music (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Sina The Producer - Crazy Nights (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Metro Club - Lost Flame (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Metro Club - Recovery (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Full Crate x Mar - Nobody Else (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Full Crate x Mar - Nobody Else (Club Edit)029-01-2015
Full Crate x Mar - Nobody Else (Hotel Garuda Remix)029-01-2015
Full Crate x Mar - Nobody Else (Nymfo Remix)029-01-2015
Full Crate x Mar - Nobody Else (Sebastian Carter Remix)029-01-2015
Full Crate x Mar - Nobody Else (DJ eSenTRIK Remix)029-01-2015
DJ Disciple - Insurrection (Original Mix)029-01-2015
DJ Disciple - Insurrection (Love From The Netherlands Remix)029-01-2015
Fran Ramirez - Cafe Del Mar (Jerome Robins Remix)029-01-2015
Block & Crown - The Truth (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Darko De Jan - Make Me Feel (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Dimo - Yes, Yes, Yo (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Damier Soul - Feel That Bass (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Madera - Just Don't Say Goodbye feat. Jenny T (Joris Dee Classic Dub)029-01-2015
Dirty Guru - Glow (Original Mix)029-01-2015
Beethoven Tbs - Tasted Love (TBS Instrumental Flow Mix)029-01-2015
House Of Virus - I'm Burning (Kevin Prise Remix)028-01-2015
Tsaho - Phunking (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Dousk - Last Night (Benny Royal & Dennis Van Der Geest Remix)028-01-2015
Kevin Prise - I'm Burning (Kevin Prise Remix)028-01-2015
Patrick Hofmann - Noon (Paul Vinx Remix)028-01-2015
Eddie Amador - Super Duper (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Solidisco - Wanna Give (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Julien Lambies - Wicked! (Original Mix)028-01-2015
J8Man - The Basement Basement (Vocal Mix)028-01-2015
King Bruce - Amen (King Bruce Deep Mix)028-01-2015
King Bruce - African Child (Original Mix)028-01-2015
King Bruce - Gratitude (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Gramophonedzie - Same But Different (Original Mix)028-01-2015
WhiteNoize - Shake & Bake (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Jay Vegas - The Party (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Stuart Ojelay - Soul Is Living feat. Jody Findley (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Atilla Cetin - Mondegreen (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Slicerboys - Glow (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Funky Truckerz - Hey Dj (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Mark Masters - I'm On Fire feat. Angie Brown (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Marco Vistosi - Sax And The City (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Menini - What U R (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Todd Edwards - Last Love (Todd Edwards Remix)028-01-2015
Magnifik - I Know (SAFIA Remix)028-01-2015
Prefect - Feel It Coming (Go Freek Remix)028-01-2015
Magnifik - Feel the Groove (TradeLove Remix)028-01-2015
Netzer Battle - Let's Be House (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Wade - El Chamaco De Puerto Rico (Sergi Moreno Remix)028-01-2015
Javi Enrrique - Matumba (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Santi Trillo - Maracaibo (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Peppe Santangelo - You Are feat. Lory Casella (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Christian Falero - Think About Me (Digital LAB Remix)028-01-2015
SLP - Where is my Fury (Original Mix)028-01-2015
SLP - Monomaniac (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Khetama - Wrong (Dave Kurtis Remix)028-01-2015
Ania J - Dirty Pop Porno feat. Il Genio (Club Mix)028-01-2015
Ania J - Dirty Pop Porno feat. Il Genio (Radio Mix)028-01-2015
Block & Crown - Don't You Like This House (Original Mix)028-01-2015
DJ Dan - Technique (Original Mix)028-01-2015
Michelle Weeks - My House (Club Mix)028-01-2015
Jeanclaude Maurice - Love Samba (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Carlos Rubio - Una Familia (House Mix)027-01-2015
Britalics - Il Padrino (Club Mix)027-01-2015
Black Velvet - Samba Breeze (Original Mix)027-01-2015
D-Soriani - Oxygene Mask (D-Soriani Tribe Mix)027-01-2015
KeyZero1 - Mas Que Nada (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Britalics - Free (feat. Lucky) (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Chill Project - Walking in Rio (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Adieh Flowz - Hazard (Radio Edit)027-01-2015
Stefano Ritteri - Do You Mind (Stefano Ritteri Remix)027-01-2015
Numo Dan - Sexual Seduction (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Mark Rostel - Dejate Llevar (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Frederic Gignac - Pour La Vie (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Beat Machine - Closer (Original Mix)027-01-2015
John Mill - Break Tape (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Audio Session - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Nu Nu Royal - Time Loosing (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Disco Story - Forever Yours (Original Mix)027-01-2015
DKR - House Session feat. Monik (A. Venuti & Mr. Goaty Remix)027-01-2015
Mark Vox - Tribal Funk (original mix)027-01-2015
Jeanclaude Maurice - My Maya (Funky Juncion Mix)027-01-2015
Bacci Bros - Djembe (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Etno Work - Jungle Below (Original Mix)027-01-2015
MAS - Conga (a si me gusta) (Tribal Mix)027-01-2015
DJ Master Team - Boari's Noise (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Sorrentino - Sans Egal (Casterlli Tribal Mix)027-01-2015
DJ Master Team - Carbonin (Original Mix)027-01-2015
Bacci Bros - Eugene (Original Mix)027-01-2015

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