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New House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Dogtown Clash - Jack Me (Jack the House Mix)026-01-2015
Amer Bros - My Feelings (Club Extended Mix)026-01-2015
Amer Bros - My Feelings (Original Radio Mix)026-01-2015
Amer Bros - My Feelings (Club Radio Mix)026-01-2015
Rhea Raj - Ignite (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Rhea Raj - Vortex (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Rhea Raj - Struck (Original Mix)026-01-2015
U4Ya - Ignite (U4YA Radio Edit)026-01-2015
U4Ya - Ignite (U4YA Remix)026-01-2015
Deekline - Taking it Back (Better Than Before) feat. Asha Rae feat. PSG (88 House Mix)026-01-2015
Deekline - Taking it Back (Better Than Before) feat. Asha Rae feat. PSG (X-5 Dubs Remix)026-01-2015
Digital Jay - I Want Play the Music (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Calling Me (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Cinema (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Down On Me (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Junior Jack (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Let Me Love You (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Psy Style (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - The Rebirth (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Ad Eel - Turn Around (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Roberto Bedross - Too Busy Thinking (Roberto Bedross Remix)026-01-2015
Dreadzone - Fire In The Dark (Teddy Killerz Mix)026-01-2015
Dreadzone - Fire In The Dark (Bazil Mix)026-01-2015
Dreadzone - Fire In The Dark (KingDread "Rumours Riddim" Mix)026-01-2015
Dreadzone - Fire In the Dark (Radio Edit)026-01-2015
Estiva - Voices (Lash Remix)026-01-2015
Wayne H - Anything (Wayne H Remix)026-01-2015
PhunkUnique - My Roots (Phunks Tech Invasion)026-01-2015
Tsaho - Pump It Up Party (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Jose Del Valle - Ecuador (Jose Del Valle Retro Remix)026-01-2015
Nicole - Designer Drugs (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Nicole - Designer Drugs (Jay Kay Remix)026-01-2015
Netzer Battle - Easy Joy (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Infamouz - Triba (Extended Mix)026-01-2015
Infamouz - Triba (Radio Edit)026-01-2015
Ale Salas - 4 Am (Original mix)026-01-2015
Claudio Tempesta - Bongo Rock (Deep Tribe Mix)026-01-2015
Sydney Blu - My Neighbors Hate Me (Original Mix)026-01-2015
Amer Bros - My Feelings (Original Extended Mix)026-01-2015
Enzo Tucci - Love Project (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Dany Cohiba - Stay (Dany Cohiba Remix)025-01-2015
Paolo Maffia - Dirty Emotions (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Frankie Noise - Simple House (Piano)025-01-2015
George M. - Over the Moon (Radio Edit)025-01-2015
George M. - Over the Moon (Original Mix)025-01-2015
TWB - Hold On (TWB Remix)025-01-2015
Basheba - Hold On (Thief In the Night Remix)025-01-2015
Zpiral - Dip Hip House (Original Mix)025-01-2015
RICH MORE - Keep on Lovin (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Attack Of The House (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Yee (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Stray (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Treble (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Sadness (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Fluorescent (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Deep (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Danny Dulgheru - Getting High (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Displeasure - No More (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Joe Lukketti - Everything Out Of Control (Original Mix)025-01-2015
David Chalon - 2 Nuit A' Paris (Original Mix)025-01-2015
David Chalon - Song For Armand (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Toy Quantize - Stick to Your Guns (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Deep Azur - So Blue (Radio Version)025-01-2015
Long Island Ice Tea - Be With Me (Sunset Club Mix)025-01-2015
Junior Crew - Move With You (Club del Luna Mix)025-01-2015
Sky Edwards - You Take the Feeling Away (Radio Version)025-01-2015
Mykel Mars - Touch the Sky (Mykel Mars Remix)025-01-2015
Jack the Cat - Mousetrap (Club Mix)025-01-2015
Nova Discoteque - Nothing Wrong (Airplay Session)025-01-2015
Pearls Of Ibiza - I Live My Life (Radio Version)025-01-2015
Matthew Collins - Detroit Dreams (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Matthew Collins - We Control the Soul (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Matthew Collins - Slam (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Jemaho - Detroit Lab (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Jemaho - Motor Soul Revolution (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Jemaho - Tragic Lost Love (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Chicane - Photograph feat. Christian Burns (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Carlo Cavalli - Puerto Rico feat. Vaya Con Dios (TBS Shake Your Ass! Club Mix)025-01-2015
Laurent Grant - You'll See (Original Mix)025-01-2015
Beethoven Tbs - Rosa Hermosa feat. Toto La Momposina (Beethoven TBS Columbian Mix)025-01-2015
Roy Batty - Disco Sux (Extended Mix)025-01-2015
Bryan Jones - Like a Boss (Original Mix)024-01-2015
SO07 - Deep'r (Original Mix)024-01-2015
TonySem - Sex Machine (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Silvio Luz - Keep on Shining feat. Denis Larose (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Gino Klift - Give It to Me (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Vicente Belenguer - The Music (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Mikks Tape - Get on the Floor feat. Iesa Mendes (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Delighters - Feel the Groove (Delighters & Mark Grandel Remix)024-01-2015
Chemical Disco - Feel It (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Jerome Robins - Everybody Dance (Slideback Remix)024-01-2015
Gary Caos - The Reason We Took It Underground (Gary Caos Remix)024-01-2015
My Digital Enemy - Get Crazy (Crazibiza Remix)024-01-2015
Hazzaro - I'm Free (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Savi Leon - Disco Feeling (Funkfresh Remix)024-01-2015
Code3000 - A Little Deeper (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Rio Dela Duna - Testing Me feat. Michelle Martinez (Born 2 Jack Remix)024-01-2015
KillerBeatz - Your Love (Original Mix)024-01-2015
AM2PM - Sing it (Original Mix)024-01-2015
Sean Finn - Besame Mucho (Dj Kone & Marc Palacios Remix)024-01-2015

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