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New House Tracks - House

New House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Fashion Room - Party (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Fashion Room - Insomnia (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Fashion Room - Planet (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Fashion Room - The Other Side (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Derek - Esta Noche (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Derek - Lejos De Ti (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Blyns & Tenzer - Fresh Dance (Dub Mix)013-01-2015
Jolyon Petch - Free feat. Esther Sparkes (Jolyon Petch Mix)013-01-2015
Jolyon Petch - Free feat. Esther Sparkes (eSQUIRE Remix)013-01-2015
Luca M - You Want (Luca M Remix)013-01-2015
DJ S.K.T - Wish You Were Mine (DJ S.K.T Remix)013-01-2015
DJ S.K.T - Wish You Were Mine (DJ S.K.T Dub Mix)013-01-2015
Mandal & Forbes - Wish You Were Mine (Mandal & Forbes Remix)013-01-2015
IN2MUZE6 - REEF (New Retro) (Original Mix)013-01-2015
IN2MUZE6 - Chateau Rave Du Pape (Original Mix)013-01-2015
IN2MUZE6 - Hey Jee (Original Mix)013-01-2015
IN2MUZE6 - Tiger feat. Koen Vanderhulst (Original Mix)013-01-2015
IN2MUZE6 - Matser's Life feat. Koen Vanderhulst (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Mr. D-Fusion - Violin (Original Mix)013-01-2015
Petros Odin - Crazy Eyes (Nathan Wool's Piano Mix)013-01-2015
Nile Rodgers - Do What You Wanna Do (Eats Everything Haus Rework)012-01-2015
Spencer Parker - Alcoolic (Spencer Parker's Belvedere Remix)012-01-2015
Edu Imbernon - Mi Casa Es Su Casa (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Ron Carroll - We Did Alright feat. Ron Carroll (Patrick Hagenaar Remix)012-01-2015
MYNC - Everywhere (Jam Xpress Remix)012-01-2015
Hazzaro - I Wish You Were Here (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Ron Carroll - Runnin' Around! (Original Mix)012-01-2015
DJ Dan - Rock The Place (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Terry Lex - Spread Love (Original Mix)012-01-2015
BeatFlashers - Get Blute (Original Mix)012-01-2015
WhiteNoize - Honey Love (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Monoloop - Cold Blooded Thieves (Monoloop Remix)012-01-2015
House Of Virus - I'm Burning (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Kevin Kind - Gonna Give You (Original Mix)012-01-2015
BK Duke - Rock Da Beat (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Funk 78 - All (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Alex Seda - Stranger feat. D.U.Ivan (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Tsaho - Get High (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Angelo Scalici - Feel That Rhythm (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Beedeep - We Came Back (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Soheil - Love & Hangover feat. Ninorta (Club Mix)012-01-2015
Bart&Baker - Second Look (feat. Lada Redstar & LNDSR) (Original Version)012-01-2015
The Supermen Lovers - Second Look (feat. Lada Redstar & LNDSR) (The Supermen Lovers Remix)012-01-2015
DJ Mibor - Second Look (feat. Lada Redstar & LNDSR) (DJ Mibor Remix)012-01-2015
Aleksey Kraft - Second Look (feat. Lada Redstar & LNDSR) (Aleksey Kraft Remix)012-01-2015
The Supermen Lovers - Second Look (feat. Lada Redstar & LNDSR) (The Supermen Lovers Dub)012-01-2015
Jus Nativ - Ngisa Kuthanda feat. Mpho Putini (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Jus Nativ - Better Life feat. Stones & Bones (Alternativ Mix)012-01-2015
Thandi Draai - Crazy Love feat. Thandi Draai (Jazzuelle Remix)012-01-2015
Jus Nativ - So Happy feat. Nthabiseng (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Youngman - Come Alive (Hugo Massien Remix)012-01-2015
Marylou Pitcha - Can't Stop the Fire (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Marylou Pitcha - Can't Stop the Fire (Remix)012-01-2015
Alex House - Essence (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Blacktron - La Playa (Original Mix)012-01-2015
DJ Chick - Shake Your Body (Original Mix)012-01-2015
DJ Fist - Merlu (Kevin Prise Remix)012-01-2015
Jesse Garcia - Silly Nights Ft. Sanna Hartfield (Jesse Garcia Remix)012-01-2015
DJ Fist - Merlu (Jay C Remix)012-01-2015
James Bratch - What The Funk (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Javier Penna - The Feeling (Original Mix)012-01-2015
ALbarnes - Living House (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Robin Schulz - Ordinary (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Jose Ponce - Roomworks (David Myrla Remix)012-01-2015
Rude Vinyl - Take Control (Original Mix)012-01-2015
Tomazzo - Balkan Miracle (Gustavo Richie Remix)012-01-2015
Murk - If You Really Love Someone (Paul Woolford's 11 Minutes Of Magic)012-01-2015
Danny Howells - Dusk 'Til Dawn feat. Erire (Paul Harris Remix)012-01-2015
Usul Selcuk - To Be Loved featuring Poofy Woofy (Radio Edit)011-01-2015
Usul Selcuk - To Be Loved featuring Poofy Woofy (Extended Edit)011-01-2015
LifeStream - Another Day (LifeStream Remix)011-01-2015
Mr.T - Aureus (Bass Remix)011-01-2015
J Kony Production - El Mariachi (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Detroit Pulse Machine - Cash (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Tribal Mind - Dance to the Beat (Instrumental)011-01-2015
Cesar Frais - Three Coffee (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Acidtoyz - Panthére (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Goldfinger - Soleil Magnetik (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Acidtoyz - Le Vent Et Le Feux (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Goldfinger - Rouge Écarlate (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Goldfinger - Rouge Écarlate (The Wall Mix)011-01-2015
Niko De Luka - Shake (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Gabriel - Perfect World (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Tonio Liarte - The Secret (Tonio Liarte Remix)011-01-2015
Lemon3 - Rainy Day (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Vivi - Life Belongs to You (Cedric Vian Remix)011-01-2015
Simonne Cooper - Main Room (Patrick Roberto Remix)011-01-2015
Rene - Glow (Rafael Saenz Remix)011-01-2015
Subcquence - Cyfi (Original Mix)011-01-2015
LT Brown - Come With Me (Frater & Stent Remix)011-01-2015
Candy - What You Got (Vocal Mix)011-01-2015
DJ McKoy - Le Petit Mort (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Andy Silva - No Words (Original Mix)011-01-2015
Candy - What You Got (Chris Verga & Eric Tyrell Remix)011-01-2015
Joey Negro - Backfired feat. India (Joey Negro Club Mix)011-01-2015
Taka Boom - Can't Get High Without U feat. Taka Boom (Joey Negro Philly World Mix)011-01-2015
Joey Negro - Don't Change (Joey Negro Club Mix)011-01-2015
Dave Lee - Can't Get Over Your Love (Dave Lee's Full Length Mix)011-01-2015
Joey Negro - Garden of Love (Joey Negro Club Mix)011-01-2015
Joey Negro - Dancin' & Prancin' (Joey Negro Disco Blend)011-01-2015

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