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New House Tracks - House

New House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Body Sound - Leaving (Free Mix)021-01-2015
Dhany - The Wind of Love (Extended Version)021-01-2015
Djane Monrow - Intro Monrow (Original Mix)021-01-2015
Djane Monrow - Don't Brother (Original Mix)021-01-2015
Aria - Party In Miami (Olav Basoski Remix)020-01-2015
Fabrizio Giannone - Move Your Body (Extended Mix)020-01-2015
Fabrizio Giannone - Move Your Body (Radio Mix)020-01-2015
Fabrizio Giannone - Move Your Body (Alternative Mix)020-01-2015
Various Artists - Legion House Music Selection (Compiled & Mixed by Luis Radio)020-01-2015
Cj Bomb - Follow Me to the Sky (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Deep House Elements - Low Pression of Wot (Jack of Jazz Mix)020-01-2015
Olav Basoski - Party In Miami (Olav Basoski Remix)020-01-2015
Alex Kenji - Gimme Five (General Tosh Remix)020-01-2015
Inpetto - Toca Me (Inpetto Mix)020-01-2015
Dave Rose - September (Dave Rose Remix)020-01-2015
Federico Scavo - Strump (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Plastik Funk - Who (Original Mix)020-01-2015
DJ Falk - Been A Long Time (Federico Scavo Remix)020-01-2015
Markus Binapfl - U Sure Do (Tradelove Remix)020-01-2015
Tradelove - Street Player (Club Mix)020-01-2015
The Black Project - Off The Wall (Tradelove Remix)020-01-2015
Milkwish - Saint Trumpet (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Oliver Huntemann - Oh Yeah (Bodzin & Huntemann Remix)020-01-2015
Lissat & Voltaxx - I Can't Get Enough (Deepdisco Remix)020-01-2015
General Tosh - Pullover (Luigi Rocca Remix)020-01-2015
DJ Falk - House Of God (Tujamo Remix)020-01-2015
Jaymen - Oh La Lishious (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Mark Simmons - Soul Roots (Mark Simmons Remix)020-01-2015
Ron Carroll - Walking Down The Street (BMC 12" Club Mix)020-01-2015
Tradelove - Wearing All Star (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Nuff! - Superstring (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Pitto - Feelin (Original Mix)020-01-2015
4Noise - Summertime (Original Mix)020-01-2015
DJ Zoli - Star Track (Original mix)020-01-2015
Sebastian Arevalo - Loco (Original mix)020-01-2015
Matthew Koba - Make Me Think (Original mix)020-01-2015
Scibi - In The Air Feat. John James (Instrumental mix)020-01-2015
Remundo - Flash Ya Lighter (Original mix)020-01-2015
Gangs of Naples - No One Does It Better (Original mix)020-01-2015
Anxious Angelo - Troll (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Anxious Angelo - 10 Seconds (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Denis Bjorn - Da Groove (Original Mix)020-01-2015
Andy Pitch - Go Back (Original mix)020-01-2015
Andy Pitch - In My House Feat. Fha (Original mix)020-01-2015
Funky House Tribe - Sabroso (Juan Smooth's Deep Mix)020-01-2015
Promonova - In The Air (feat. John James) (Promonova Remix)020-01-2015
Davide Marchesiello - Live Strumental (Original mix)020-01-2015
Mercury and Solace - Drifting Away (Original Mix)019-01-2015
DJ Andry - Everybody Salsa (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Danilo Orsini - Eya (Original Mix)019-01-2015
EaDJ - Fake It feat. Kiran (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Annee' - Falling in Love (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Cinconze - Get Down (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Annee' - Hot Rhythm feat. Muphasah (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Dhali - I Know feat. Valeria Costa (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Peppe Alberti - I Love Na Na Na feat. Moira, Muphasah (Original Mix)019-01-2015
DJ Devil - I Want You (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Dayanis - Il Movimento (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Luke Db - Indian Dream (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Danilo Orsini - La Musica Tribal (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Gigi Fuscaldo - La Vida Loca feat. Angelica (1dos4tres)019-01-2015
Fabio Karia - Ladies and Gentlemen (Original Mix)019-01-2015
West - Losing Control feat. Annee' (EmanuelP Remix)019-01-2015
Sandro Odoardi - Love Shine feat. De La Kyo (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Fresh Lemons - Forget About You Feat. Nathalia (Radio Edit)019-01-2015
Egh - No More Lies (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Scapo - 16 Beats (Disco Splatters Remix)019-01-2015
Boy Pussy - Unisex (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Disco Ball'z - Don't Turn Around (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Sandy Ground Factory - Let's Go Twerking (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Sandy Ground Factory - Let's Go Twerking (French Radio Edit)019-01-2015
Sandy Ground Factory - Let's Go Twerking (Extended Club Mix)019-01-2015
Funky Trunkers - Hold On (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Jonny Miller - You Give Me All feat. Oezlem, V the Vowel (Original)019-01-2015
Jonny Miller - You Give Me All feat. Oezlem, V the Vowel (Jonny's Broken Dream)019-01-2015
Jonny Miller - You Give Me All feat. Oezlem, V the Vowel (Jonny's Dream Dub)019-01-2015
Jonny Miller - You Give Me All feat. Oezlem, V the Vowel (Instrumental)019-01-2015
Bob'ezy - Intombi feat. Mazola (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Matt Braiton - The End Life (Original Mix)019-01-2015
DeftoN - Just Feel It (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Onefold - Life Time (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Danilo Orsini - Afrikaner (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Pepper Enjoy - Azotame y Besame (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Funky Brothers - Bailabi (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Ruly MC - Bailalo (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Danilo Orsini - Balkandance (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Cinconze - Bompompero (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Funky Brothers - Caballito (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Dr. Feelx - Chaka Khan (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Marie J - Cho Cho Man (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Franklin Santana - El Malandrino de Caracas feat. 2D Bross (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Egidio Esse - El Ritmo de Bogota' (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Peppe Alberti - El Timbal feat. Angie Brown (Original Mix)019-01-2015
Asino - Gone (Original Mix)018-01-2015
Mark Parken - Tau Ceti (Original Mix)018-01-2015
Kamaura - Leave the World Behind (Radio Edit)018-01-2015
Kamaura - Leave the World Behind (Extended Mix)018-01-2015
MYNC - Boogers (Original Mix)018-01-2015
Moon Boots - Don't Ask Why feat. Kyiki (Original Mix)018-01-2015
Various Artists - Keep Fit 2015 (Continuous DJ Mix 2)018-01-2015

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